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Complex Systems Science 101

The body and brain contain many physiological systems and neurochemical pathways which create a complex whole. Unlike traditional science, which often solves one problem by creating other problems in the body and mind, complex systems science accounts for all systems effected by a formulation, which is much harder. Qualia’s 42-ingredient two step formulation precisely calculates each ingredient dosage for maximum synergistic potential with all other ingredients.

Cutting Edge Visionaries

The science to make Qualia a reality, was exhaustive, putting Neurohacker Collective’s team of Stanford neuroscientists and Harvard academics to the test. Every ingredient had to be assessed by how it interacted with all others, and 500 ingredients were considered, but only 42 had the comprehensive research to be worthy of inclusion. In additional to deeply researched botanical compounds, Qualia includes 5 clinically proven patented ingredients. The result, is a daily mental experience beyond anything you knew was possible.


When our body is out of tune, so are we. The body maintains balance during stress through a mechanism known as homeostasis. When properly supported, it helps us remain energized and focused during life’s challenges. But chronic stress can make it difficult for that natural equilibrium to be restored. Qualia is designed to support underlying regulatory function so we can handle more.




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“As a career neuroscientist, Qualia stands out based on the carefully selected ingredients, and sources. Everything about the design of Qualia is deliberate and rigorous and that is reflected in the results it produces.”


Neurobiology Group Leader, Stanford University School of Medicine

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The 6 Ingredient Categories That Create The Qualia Experience

10 Neuro-Vitamins & Minerals to Restore Nutrient Deficiency

Even the healthiest food is grown in minerally-depleted soil. We lack core nutrients required for optimal cognitive functioning. Our formula restores your nutrient levels.

8 Adaptogen Extracts to Support Cell Health

We use extracts of stabilizing herbs and superfoods to utilize the best nature has to offer. They help maintain the health of our cells and body for longevity and vitality.

6 Neuro-Anti-Inflammatories & Antioxidants to Repair and Prevent Cell Damage

We are exposed to hundreds of toxins from pollution every day. These ingredients repair cellular damage and protect us from future harm.

10 Nootropic Compounds to Elevate Cognitive Ability

Nootropics are substances that improve cognitive function. Our formula combines the ten most effective nootropics so you can operate from a consistently higher base of productivity.

5 Amino Acids to Support Elevated Cognitive Ability

Amino acids are your brain’s natural building blocks for the neurotransmitters that govern your cognitive functioning.These ingredients match the brain’s increased demand from our nootropics.

3 Choline Donors to Enhance Neuro-Motor Efficiency

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that controls your neuro-motor connection. We boost your acetylcholine supply so your brain can communicate more efficiently with your body.

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