Justin Schilf

Visual Protagonist
Audio Anarchist

Justin Schilf

None of us are ever really just one thing. Take Justin.

One part athlete. Football, baseball, skateboarding, BMX. Mountain biking. Arizona desert jock.

One part rock god. Made a guitar out of plywood when he was twelve. Formed a band and played for eight years. Toured in a van. Recorded a CD. Had a #1 song on a metal station in Poland.

One part artist. Started creating fake album covers as a kid. Then started making real album covers, designs and posters for different bands. Moved on to mixed media.

Add science fiction nerd and you start to get the whole picture.

None of us are ever really just one thing. But often we are asked to choose a single aspect of ourselves if we want to have a ready path in this life. This kind of choice can lead to things like an athlete/rocker/artist/nerd selecting international business as a major in college.

Of course, that never really works out. Eventually, our true self fights back one way or another. Justin got lucky. His true self fought back early and hard. After taking his lumps, and a “sabbatical” from school, he came back committed to art as a serious career path. /insert comeback music/

Back in college, he graduated with best portfolio in his class with a degree in visual communications and graphic design. Got a job at an interactive agency. Then joined DivX where, as a senior designer, he was part of building the kind of culture that speaks to what can and should be. Then he had the opportunity to watch that culture slowly be destroyed over eleven years and four acquisitions.

Now he is the Creative Director at the NHC, putting to work all of that experience and all of himself to help express the vision of this endeavour and build a culture that we can be proud of – for the long term.

Don’t worry, he is still writing and recording in his home studio.