Optimizing Epigenetics with Dr. Daniel Stickler

In Episode #208, we discuss the state of the art in genetic screenings, Dr. Stickler’s feelings on “good genes / bad genes,” and the strange dichotomies that arise from working with a static genome managed by a dynamic epigenome that can change from one day to the next, one meal to the next, and in one cell versus its neighbor.

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The Longevity & Biohacking Show

Jason Hartman and Fernando Aires from the Longevity and Biohacking show bring in Daniel Schmachtenberger to discuss his background and the founding of The Neurohacker Collective

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Biohacking Nootropics for Better Brain Function

In this episode, Anthony DiClementi talks with Daniel Schmachtenberger about his journey from chronic fatigue, joint pain, neurological issues and brain fog, and barely having 2 hours of functional productivity per day to biohacking his own health and multiplying that to 14 hours of productivity per day and reclaimed his energy and quality of life.

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