Testimonials - laura-martin

“Qualia has made surprising positive benefits to all my endeavors. Not only have I gained more clarity, and alertness within my work life, (which is greatly physically and emotionally enduring), this clarity allows me to be more present in these activities. Instead of the typical weight of exhaustion the following days after performing extreme acrobatic and dance skills for hours, I feel more relaxed and at an even state of mind. Using these supplements allows me to not tax my mind and body at such an extreme rate. Instead it provides a surplus of energy to tap into, allowing all areas of my life to get more attention.”

“Flying” Laura Martin
American pole Fitness Champion
Exotic dance performing artist

Testimonials - elias-ladopoulos

“I’ve regularly experimented with nootropics as a means to achieve the levels of performance of my earlier hacking years. Until I began working closely with NHC, nothing came close to my desired performance. I’ve now established a base for accelerated personal optimization going forward. This is neuroscience applied as per the hacker ethos — the shortest-path to a dramatic, realized outcome.”

Elias Ladopoulos
Computational Scientist

Testimonials - erica-lee

“Strong Body. Strong Mind.

It took me over two decades to figure this simple formula out. I grew up with the mindset that high performance only came from innate intelligence and a deep sense of curiosity. After suffering from intense burnout cycles, stress and anxiety cycles, I’ve been on a mission to find a sustainable and holistic approach to improving my performance as well as my well being.

Discovering Qualia has been a game changer. Simple, effective and efficient, Qualia has improve my presence, focus and clarity. I am a better leader in my business, community and at home.”

Erica Lee
VR & Exponential Technology

Testimonials - mycal-derz-andres

“My focus has improved immensely. The quality of my content and writing has improved so much that my social media community has commented on it. My training has also improved. I’m more in tune with my breathing, and my efforts have become more deliberate. I noticed these results when I began using Qualia consistently 5 days per week.”

Mycal “Derz” Anders
Visionary and Entrepreneur

Testimonials - zachary-stein-cercle

“Qualia is remarkable. Clarity, focus, and fluidity of thought. Like those 45 mins after a perfect cup of coffee, except it lasts for 6 hours and you never crash. Alertness and empathy increase, which leads to a kind of openness of experience and more balanced and timely judgments. You don’t feel wound up or “cracked out”—just calm and on task. Longer-term benefits seem to add up, while edginess, cravings, and other side-effects never come. The science behind it is unsurpassed, and I have no doubts as to the good this will do for a variety of people, from those struggling with so-called “ADD” to those simply wanting to increase their ability to contribute to the causes they love.”

Dr. Zachary Stein
Harvard, Meridian, Lectica

Testimonials - thaddeus-owen

“I often have to use very small and focused chunks of time to get in my daily movement practice, write blog posts, and creatively build workspaces in ways that support human biology. Qualia gives me the energy and creativity boost to crank out multiple posts for my followers, dive right into a short workout and bounce back to my daily routine seamlessly.”

Thaddeus Owen
Corporate Habitat Hacker

Testimonials - andrew-hewitt

“I’ve adopted the belief that managing energy, not time, is the key to high performance. Quaila helps me sustain my mental energy unlike anything else, giving me new levels of focus, clarity, and creativity. Moreover, the depth of care and research put into every ingredient gives me great confidence that my best interests are being looked after and no corners are being cut in delivering the highest quality nootropic on the market.”

Andrew Hewitt
For-benefit business catalyst

Testimonials - tj-anderson

“When it comes to supplements and nootropics, I’m pretty intentional about what I put in my body. But if the research checks out, I’m always interested in trying something new to support my health and performance. With Qualia, the research is remarkable. Rooted in hard, clean, powerful science, these guys are taking the nootropics industry to a whole level.

After two months of following their two-step “Hardware Upgrade Program”, I’ve noticed a subtle, calming sense of powerful focus coupled with a new level of body-mind alertness I’ve never experienced before. With Qualia the light bulb is on but I’m still peaceful in my body. So cognitive function is dialed in, but there’s no physical jitters or crashes. You literally think, feel and perform at your best.”

TJ Anderson
Holistic health hacker

Testimonials - Elia Nikolaev

“I had dabbled in nootropics for about one year prior to finding Qualia, and have been the most satisfied with these results. My schedule has me wake up most days before sunrise, and find the Step One vividly enhancing my mental clarity. Working in the health field, I make it a point invest in my own optimization, both physical and cognitive, and I see that there is nothing as valuable as your own most powerful tool, your mind!!”

Elia Nikolaev
Yoga teacher and therapist

Testimonials - Erai Beckmann

“I found a greater clarity stamina and emotional intelligence upgrade from taking Qualia that helped me in business and my personal life. I’m grateful to be an early part of such a GameChanging product from the collective.”

Erai Beckmann
Co-CEO Humanity

Testimonials - Justin Olguin

“I experience a greater sense of energy, clarity, and focus while taking Qualia. In addition, I experience two unexpected yet highly useful benefits: a greater capacity to experience, process, and integrate emotional experiences of all types and intensities, and a clearer ability to discern how I spend my time and energy. I feel my mind, body, and spirit can play and function more synergistically when my brain and body receives more of what it needs to thrive via Qualia.”

Justin Olguin
Agent of Emergent Evolution

Testimonials - Kevin Dalfonzo

“My days are fast moving and full of diverse activities. I run several businesses in very different areas of expertise and need to quickly and effectively change gears frequently. Qualia gives me more clarity and focus to move through my days without missing a beat. As I am sensitive to stimulants it works best for me to take it 2-3 days at a time max and then take a few days off. This gives me the benefits of enhanced clarity, focus and energy without the side effects of crashing or anxiety.”

Kevin Dalfonzo
Catalyst for Global Consciousness Expansion