Video Submission


Hi there. We’re looking to share the experiences our customers are having on Qualia. Help us get the word out with a short cell phone video of your experience. The more naturally you act, the better. Share your experience as if you were telling a friend. We may include your testimonial on our website, and we look forward to hearing the ways our product has enhanced your life.

Avoid Explicit Medical Claims!:

The FDA strictly controls language that is a direct medical claim (e.g. “Qualia cured my depression”, etc.) so instead, speak to your general personal experience on the product. Have you noticed increases in focus? More emotional resilience in handling life’s challenges? Has it enhanced your creativity? Has it changed your outlook and demeanor on life? As long as you avoid language that claims Qualia cured or is being used to treat a specific medical condition, all other content will be useful.

Tips to get great footage

  1. Hold phone horizontally so video captures in a wide-screen format.
  2. Hold steady. You may want to put the phone on a tripod or have someone hold it so it’s not too shaky. Or google “DIY smartphone tripod”.
  3. The camera is your friend. Share your story in a way that feels authentic and engaging. Speak directly to the camera, but don’t stare in a weird unblinking way.
  4. Location, Location, Location. Busy backgrounds can be distracting, or even disruptive if there is a lot of commotion in the frame of your shot. Whether inside or out, take care to pick a calm, quiet spot to help ensure your shoot will go smoothly.
  5.  Get the lighting right. Shoot outdoors or in a well-lit room.
  6. Speak slowly and clearly. Speak more slowly than normal, and pause between phrases.
  7. Give it a few goes. If you trip on a word or phrase, just start the sentence over again. We’ll edit. 🙂


What are some of the demands of your career or lifestyle that interested you in Qualia?
How do you handle all of the competing forces for your time and attention?
How do you get done all that you want to do?
How do you get into the flow states that allow you to do what you do best?
How is Qualia a part of that routine?

Overall, what was your experience with Qualia?
What was the first thing you noticed when you started taking Qualia?
What are examples of mental and emotional situations you handled better with Qualia?
How does taking something like Qualia fit into your regiment of overall wellbeing?

Can you suggest any improvements?
Have you received any feedback from friends or family after recommending Qualia to them?

How to Submit

Upload your video to your dropbox and then share the link with us.

Upload the video to dropbox (iPhone instructions)

Step 1

Select the video on your phone and press the share button in lower left

Step 2

Press save to dropbox. If you don’t see the Dropbox option, press on the more button and enable Dropbox.

Step 3

Press Save to upload it to your Dropbox account

Step 4

The video will upload to dropbox. Best to do this on Wifi.

Step 5

When it is finished uploading open up the Dropbox app or webpage from a computer. Select the file and press the share icon.

Step 6

Share the video with us at [email protected]

That’s it. You rock! Thanks for sharing your experiences with us.