Benefits of Strawberry Seed Extract

Benefits of Strawberry Seed Extract

The garden strawberry was first bred in the 1750s by crossing a strawberry variety from eastern North America (Fragaria virginiana) with a variety from Chile (Fragaria chiloensis). The result was Fragaria × ananassa, what the world thinks of as the strawberry, which is now grown worldwide.

Strawberries are a good source of polyphenols. The seeds are an even better source. We made sure to source an extract standardized for at least 2% polyphenols. Studies of this extract suggest it might support healthy skin, weight, metabolism, and other functions needed for healthy aging.* Strawberry polyphenols would also be expected to support antioxidant defenses and overall cellular health.* But the main reason we included the strawberry seed extract in Qualia LIfe is because it is a source of a specific flavonoid called tiliroside.

Strawberry polyphenols would also be expected to support antioxidant defenses and overall cellular health.*

Benefits of Tiliroside

Tiliroside supports two areas we considered central to the product, AMPK activation and sirtuin upregulation. Finding a food ingredient standardized for tiliroside wasn’t easy. If you look, you’ll see rose hips mentioned as a source of tiliroside. This is a bit misleading, because it’s the seeds, not the rose hips fruit that contains tiliroside. And the commercially available rose hips powder is made from the fruit (not the seeds). 

Neurohacker's Tiliroside Sourcing

We weren’t able to find any suppliers of rose hips that sold a product standardized for tiliroside. Tiliroside is also found in seeds of a few berries. So we shifted gears. This led us to a strawberry seed extract. We found a supplier with one standardized to contain at least 0.5% tiliroside. This was a difficult ingredient to find. We think it was worth the trouble.

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