We are seeking 100 participants for the next round of testing for a new formulation designed to positively influence skin health. This will be a 12-week study.

Each person selected to participate will receive 30 doses in the first bottle (i.e., ~1 month supply). A new bottle will be shipped every 3 weeks for the length of the trial to all persons who complete the required weekly surveys. The product will be in hard capsules that will be taken daily with the first meal of the day.

Participation Requirements

  1. To not begin taking any new supplements while testing this product and continue taking any supplements they are currently using regularly. 
  2. To not begin using any new facial products and color-cosmetics while testing this product and continue taking any facial products and color-cosmetics they are currently using regularly.
  3. To provide timely feedback weekly during the 12-week trial.
This beta test has been completed