BRAINIAC: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Drugs and Nootropics

BRAINIAC: The Ultimate Guide to Smart Drugs and Nootropics

Have you ever thought to yourself "I know I'm a lot smarter than I feel."? Does your brain have a hard time keeping up with the demands you put on it? Luke Storey sits down with Dr. Dan Stickler to discuss what is possible when your systems are fed the right nutrients.

So put on your seatbelt, and prepare for takeoff. We're about to enter the depths of human potential.


  • Defining mind vs. brain
  • Using the brain to optimize physiology and tap into the collective consciousness
  • What are nootropics and how they differ from smart drugs
  • Thinking outside the box to shift the human collective
  • Modafinil: all your questions answered
  • Qualia's approach and how Dr. Stickler got involved
  • The different compounds on the market incl. racithams, modafinil, PQQ, nupep and other chemicals
  • Multivitamin, adaptogens, and the truth about compound bioavailability on most supplements
  • Lithium orotate as a neuro protector and good overall membrane stabilizer
  • The dangers of fear-based marketing, labeling disease, and the mental construct of illness
  • Health benefits of magnesium and how to get levels up
  • Micronutrient deficiencies in the body and what to look for
  • Best way to supplement beta-carotene
  • Listening to your body, and how to reach homeostasis
  • What’s up with vitamin Q2?
  • Rapid-fire tips for sleep
  • Phenibut, melatonin and down regulation
  • Dr. Stickler’s travel & jet lag hacks
  • General practice for better memory, focus, creativity, flow states and overall intelligence

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