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What's at stake?

If you are like most you will be living longer than any other generation, but will you be thriving in your extra years? Your quality of life in your remaining years is at stake unless you are proactive. There are countless benefits to boosting your cell's energy (better sleep, better workouts, less stress, more energy) but the biggest is to arm your body to fight negative aspects of aging. It’s time to attack aging head-on and it’s never too early to fight aging. Beat aging with Qualia Life!

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Qualia Life is a comprehensive supplement designed to promote better aging. Our team of researchers, scientists and doctors rigorously blended 36 ingredients to synergistically support your cell’s ability to make more energy so you can accomplish all that you want to do. Qualia Life uniquely upregulates NAD+ and ATP while supporting dozens of other processes and pathways within the body. More cell energy leads to sounder sleep, increased productivity, better workouts, more capacity to handle stress, enhanced cognitive performance, and an overall whole-system upgrade.

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“The best single product you can take for health and longevity”

- Dr. Daniel Stickler
Medical Director of Neurohacker, and Chief Medical Officer of the Apeiron Center

Qualia Life is designed to:

  • Support Mitochondrial Fitness & Cell Energy
  • Amplify Productivity
  • Promote Restful Sleep
  • Upgrade Energy Levels
  • Promote NAD+ & ATP
  • Provide Support for Handling Stress
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What makes Qualia Life different?

Many products in the cell energy space focus on one narrow aspect of cellular energy or metabolism. Our approach looks at the whole system required to support healthier cells.

  • Qualia Life upregulates NAD+ and ATP.
  • Qualia Life boosts NAD+ via 3 different pathways vs just boosting the NAD+ molecule.
  • Qualia Life helps your body continually make NAD+
  • Qualia Life supports multiple processes and pathways within the body.
  • Qualia Life is a calorie restriction mimetic (think intermittent fasting in a pill).

High Purity and Powerful Nutrients to Support Better Aging

10 Extracts Standardized for Polyphenols
8 Cellular / Mitochondrial Adaptogens
4 Mitochondrial Antioxidants
3 NAD+ Substrates
70 Trace Minerals
Full B Vitamin Support with 3 Forms of Folic Acid
9 Muscle Performance Ingredients

Doctors, Scientists, Health and Fitness Leaders Who Love Qualia Life

Some of the individuals mentioned above are shareholders of Neurohacker and/or receive commissions for Qualia Life sales.

Beat Aging,
Beat Stress.

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Available in two form factors:

Qualia Life Capsules (160ct)
$159.00 $79.50

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Eternus Drink Mix (20 pack)
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Our Formulation Approach

We strive to provide the highest quality possible in every aspect of our products: the best science, the highest quality ingredient sourcing, the best delivery mechanisms, the highest quality information and customer service.

Complexity Science

We take a complexity science—the science of complex adaptive systems—approach to formulation.

Top Scientists & MDs

Our products are developed by top scientists in complex-systems modeling, neurobiology, organic chemistry as well as dozens of MDs and PhDs.

Research-backed Ingredients

All our ingredients are chosen based on the strong empirical basis of their safety.

Purity & Potency

We take great care to use the most potent, high-purity, and bioavailable forms of each ingredient that are gluten-free and non-GMO.

Full Transparency

We are 100% transparent. No proprietary blends. We fully publish the research behind every product.