More Focus.
More Drive.

Nootropics to support cognition and brain health

More Focus.
More Drive.

Nootropics to support cognition and brain health

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If You...

- Experience brain fog, forgetfulness, and/or procrastination
- Want to consistently get things done quickly and effectively
- Demand safe, fast-acting and research backed nutrients for your body

Then we invite you to try Qualia.

Save 50% on a Month of Qualia

What Makes Qualia Different?

Qualia is different from all other nootropic brain supplements because it supports multiple cognitive pathways and also promotes energy, restful sleep, and aerobic capacity.

We are the only company utilizing complexity systems science to approach formulation. Meaning we consider the entire ecosystem of the body when developing our formulas. This results in a supplement that supports cognition and upregulates the entire body for well-being.

Science Team Behind Qualia:

Daniel Schmachtenberger
Daniel Stickler, MD
Greg Kelly, ND
Shawn Ramer, Ph.D.
Sara Adães, Ph.D.

More Focus.
More Drive.

Advanced Mental Performance

Beat Brain Fog

Push distractions aside, and focus on what matters now. Feel clear-headed.

Lasting Energy

Experience smooth, clean energy that lasts all day, with no jittery bursts or sudden crashes.

Effortless Focus

Promote clear-headed concentration so you can pay attention to what you need to do.

Amplified Willpower

Fuel fitness and career goals with unbreakable all-day drive and clarity.

Boost Brain Nutrition

Support the body's systems for a vibrant healthy lifestyle.

Decreased Procrastination

Enhanced organization and self-discipline. Detailed task execution.

Heightened Creativity

Boosting artistic inspiration and problem-solving capacities.

Fuel Mental Clarity

Loaded with premium nutrients to support mental clarity.

Qualia is designed to:

Lift Brain Fog

Amplify Willpower

Upgrade Energy

Heighten Creativity

Fuel Focus and Concentration

Boost Brain Nutrition

Promote Mental Clarity

Decrease Procrastination

Save 50% on a Month of Qualia Shop Now

Hear from Verified Qualia Customers

Gregory B. - 2018-05-16
It’s the best out hands down.
5 Miles Y. - 2018-05-19
Ive been taking qualia for a couple weeks now and my memory has improved also while im at work and studying im making connections that I never have before.and lastly my anxiety has been almost non existant,which im very pleased with.Overall I think this product is great!
5 Jeff P. - 2019-10-03
Qualia Mind is the best natural product that I have ever taken! It helps me stay more focused and calm, when performing tasks that can create "mind overwhelm" and my memory seems more accessible as a result! Qualia Mind is an awesome product! I highly recommend it!
5 Justin F. - 2018-05-30
I am an father, engineer, writer, and filmmaker.... Qualia is a crucial part of my creative process.
5 Dusty S. - 2018-02-20
I have tried many different nootropics over the years and I can honestly say Qualia is on a whole different level. I have experienced profound increases in cognition, focus, motivation and overall sense of well being. The effects last for much of the day and fortunately do not interfere with sleep, if anything it seems to aid in getting to sleep quicker.

Nutrition designed to optimize brain function

So which should I take?
If you can afford it, Qualia Mind is our most advanced and comprehensive product. If cost is an issue, Qualia Focus is a powerful product and we're delighted to be able to offer it as an option. Qualia Mind and Qualia Focus are standalone nootropic stacks and are not designed to be taken together.

Your Happiness is Guaranteed

Feel 100% Satisfied within 100 days or get a 100% refund. There is no hassle. You do not have to return anything to us. If you do not love Qualia for any reason, simply get in touch via phone or email and let us know you’d like a refund. That’s it.

100 Day Money Back Return Policy applies as a full refund within 100 days for all first time purchasers of an initial order of product, or final order of a subscription (limited to 1 unit). It does not apply to an individual's additional product orders placed after an initial order. Limit one (1) guarantee per product/unit, per household.

Score Better Guarantee

Scientifically test your brain health before and after using Qualia. See an increase in your scores after taking Qualia or your money back! Let the numbers speak for themselves.