Qualia Life Reviews

Christopher g. - 2023-05-13
At first I wasn't yet to believe the s product would work.But after a day or two I felt rested and ready for the day great job guys keep up the great work
Christopher g. - 2023-05-13
I didn't believe that at first I would experience anything at first. But after a day or two I felt alot more rested and ready for the day ahead thanks guys keep up the great work
Stephen M. - 2023-03-25
Incredible. I like to take Qualia Life post morning workout with fruit, nuts and water. Makes me feel energized and comfortable when taking on physical and mental tasks throughout the day
Sirius B. - 2023-03-09
I wasn't expecting Life to compliment Mind the way it does, not only am I focused longer but my mood is consistent and feeling energetic throughout the day. Excited to see what else Qualia has to offer!
Laura M. - 2023-03-01
I've been on supplements for decades, I even have my BS in Alternative Medicine...this is a game changer! Within the first 3 days I noticed my mood elevated and uplifted and my mental velocity/focus more streamlined. For all the good ingredients that are in this bottle you can't beat the price (even at $100 per bottle). I have this on autoship
Missy T. - 2023-02-09
Since taking the life supplement for about a month, I feel that I can wake up easier and deal with stressful situations better than I used to. Would recommend this product!
Laura A. - 2022-12-22
Love Qualia Life. Noticed a difference. Felt like I could finish the day well.
Christopher L. - 2022-12-15
Makes me feel great!
Richard M. - 2022-11-28
After only a day or two taking this supplement, my energy was leveled up and my strength in the gym increased. After the malaise & depression of the pLandemic, a most welcomed boost. Thank you!
Norma G. - 2022-11-24
Neurohacker products are helping me alot. Qualia life is a very good product. I use it daily, along with Qualia Mind. It has great nutritional value and I can feel the difference in my mind. I am more calm and collect. I lt produces an overall good feeling which I like very much.
Kenneth H. - 2022-11-16
I highly recommend Qualia Life supplements for an overall noticeable increase in cognition, clarity of thinking, increased energy, streamlined focus, and a higher quality of sleep! My average days are roughly 17 hours as a professional educator and professional athletics coach, which requires intense focus, high energy, and consistent physical exertion on a daily basis, as well as, above average travel. Qualia Life truly does provide me the competitive edge needed to thrive! -Kenneth Hobbs Ed.S
Yuanzhou Y. - 2022-11-10
I feel more refreshed with more energy, i am not bloated every day, my mood is better, my skin feels better and i sleep deeper. I am consuming the supplements only for a week. Very satisfied with the results. Definitely I would buy it again. I take it first thing in the morning with honey and lemon juice. The quality of the product is very good.
Barbara C. - 2022-11-03
I have been taking Qualia Life for about a month now and I have more energy. I am waking up easily and getting started with my day. I am pushing through the afternoon with greater ease.
Miguel G. - 2022-10-18
Shipped fast!! Have only taken it for a few days , but I think I feel more nimble, may be too soon to tell but will update a review after a few weeks of use.
Miles S. - 2022-10-16
Good experiences shopping with Neurohacker — I find Qualia Life suits me better than Qualia Mind (though that is certainly effective as well), but I feel more energetic and have more endurance to work/move more while taking it, as though I'm a decade younger again (only used it for a couple of weeks so far).
Albert S. - 2022-10-12
This stuff really works.
Scott B. - 2022-09-08
I've really enjoyed the simplicity of using this product, it should replace almost all the other supplements you're using.
Cindy T. - 2022-08-26
Purchased because of the impressive ingredient list! Haven't used it long enough to speak to effectiveness. Shipment was received quickly.
nick s. - 2022-07-28
so far so good
Kota I. - 2022-07-21
Of all the supplements I take, this one tops the list.
Deanna C. - 2022-07-21
Just received the bottle and I’m excited to feel a difference in my joints. Packaging is very nice
Daniel M. - 2022-07-10
Excellent Formula. Be aware that you the dose is 8 x caps.
Noe Dela Fuente D. - 2022-06-27
When I take Qualia Life I can exercise in the morning and still study up to 12 hours. Big help for us students!
Beatriz R. - 2022-06-24
Great Product.
Zarrah B. - 2022-06-05
Have been using this product for years! Love it so much