Qualia Life Reviews

Brian F. - 2022-06-02
I am absolutely loving The Qualia products! I feel more alive and more focused!
Jordan R. - 2022-06-01
I like the sustained, gentle energy from this product!
George B. - 2022-04-26
Big fan of the product, have been using it for many months now with great results.
lavon E. - 2022-04-06
This one takes a while, but after taking it just over a month I do feel more vitality. Its hard to explain. Life just felt like I always had weights on my shoulders before. I don't think its all qualia life doing it, but the thing is qualia life gives me the energy to make smarter life choices, so it starts to compound. Its expensive (compared to other things on the market) but I just see it as an investment. I've had more energy to crush it at work, so its paying for itself.
Joanna F. - 2022-03-23
I am taking mind, life and vision. I am taking half the dose of the mind and life only because I need a full glass of water per pill. The vision is easier to take and so needed in a world where cell phones are harmful to our eyes. If on the fence I recommend vision and life to start.
Christian W. - 2022-03-08
I am currently going into my 3rd month of taking Qualia Life. I am 29 years old and look like I'm 20 so I didn't necessarily purchase it for it's anti-aging qualities, however, that is definitely a pleasant side effect. I purchased it due to the lack of energy and motivation I have to exercise. I began going to the gym and lifting weights immediately after starting to take Qualia Life and I gained strength extremely quickly. I also was able to pack on about 10 lbs of muscle. Another added ben...Read more.
Derek L. - 2022-01-11
Tried it from a friend and felt the difference in my life after about 2 weeks. Increased energy levels, better sleep as advertised.
Devin M. - 2022-01-07
While you could get many of the ingredients elsewhere, some are hard to find. Also measuring 20+ powders is extremely annoying and you can’t travel with it. I appreciate the convenience of the bottle. After stopping for several months, I noticed a large decrease in my productivity, sleep quality, and mental clarity. So this supplement certainly helps, at least in my case.
Jean Francis F. - 2021-12-25
Didn't feel anything for the first day. The first week, I didn't feel tired and lasted several hours. I also stacked it with Qualia Focus and I feel alive in the morning. I do this after waking up. They say the first hour of the morning or waking life is important.
Christian M. - 2021-12-24
Qualia Life is really living up to its name because it has put the life right back into me!
RICH C. - 2021-12-12
Our family absolutely is thrilled about the rise of the intelligent herbal and wellness community and have excellent results with Qualia Life and Qualia Mind! Qualia Life is essential fuel for the brain. Thank you Neurohacker Collective.
David S. - 2021-11-15
I love this product! The overall feeling I have ever since Ive added Qualia Life to my daily regiment has been outstanding. I have lasting energy and I am sleeping through the night. I have been taking for months and I can honestly say I feel much better than I did before i started.
Adam B. - 2021-11-14
I am satisfied with this product. I would say if you are a health guru and you have a little money to spend to get a subscription. It will change your life. What do they put in this?
Ollie C. - 2021-11-11
Great product
Joel D. - 2021-11-04
I am on my second bottle and can definitely tell a difference.
hunter o. - 2021-10-31
High-quality ingredients, reliable delivery, and reasonably priced... simple as that.
Ami S. - 2021-10-27
I’m an athletic mature woman and have noticed reduced energy as the years press on. With Qualia Life I am finding increased energy to move through my day. Not just muscle through it but rather engaged with life. It’s a marvel!
Liz R. - 2021-10-25
Helps with my energy and focus—grateful for a great product.
Jacob Y. - 2021-10-23
Some people told me to stop taking these supplements because it was questionable so I listened and didn't even realize why I felt so groggy and slow and everything was 10 times harder when I stopped, I am 100 percent getting back on these supplements, I don't usually do reviews but Its been like Night and Day, Cold and Heat, Summer and Winter. I bought the Ultimate Bundle
chris w. - 2021-10-21
I went with LIFE for the daily balance and anti-aging supplement boost
Moody A. - 2021-10-16
Since starting Qualia Life, I have noticed a significant increase in my energy level. I can keep my activities going for longer and am not as tired afterwards.
Erik H. - 2021-10-13
The effects are subtle and kick in overtime, but I can definitely discern a general increase in wellbeing. Physiologically, I can also sense a better relationship to sleep, which compounds with the overall increased sense of vitality and energy. Keep making great products!
Connie W. - 2021-10-08
I want to use this longer before I write a full review. So far so good!
Victor B. - 2021-10-02
Really great after 2 orders. Lunalae on hands grew. Kind of wished they had a no salt version( disodiums as well) as my dietary restrictions need me to eliminate that from the diet I am currently on.
kim r. - 2021-09-16
Perfect for those who want to optimise their energy after 50