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What should I do if I'm feeling heightened emotions and/or energy?

As you get started with Qualia you will feel more energy, motivation and drive but may also experience other feelings around your emotions.

Feeling less emotional?

Are you less emotional, as in numb and disassociated, or are you just more grounded, clear-minded and non-reactive?

If you’re simply experiencing less angst and anxiousness, that's great. 

If you really feel numb or muted, discontinue use. This might not be the right formulation for you.

Feeling more emotional?

Are you feeling more emotional in a balanced and grounded way; feeling emotions more clearly or powerfully? If so, that's great. 

If you’re feeling emotionally unbalanced in a negative or overwhelming way, discontinue use. This may not be the right formulation for you. 

Feeling irritable?

You might feel edgy if the dose is too high. Try again at a lower dose.

Feeling over-energized?

The dose may be too high for you. We suggest taking a day off then trying again with a lower dose.  

Feeling tired or fatigued?

Feeling some fatigue when first starting is sometimes experienced by a small percentage of users. The brain uses glucose-energy faster than muscles do, so when someone is really up-regulating their cognitive utilization (as you are when taking Qualia), just like when someone starts working out a lot, they can feel tired and need more rest and repair time. 

For many, this fatigue abates as their bodies adjust within a week or 2. If it does not, and you find that this current formulation isn't the right match for your chemistry, let us know and we'll be happy to issue a refund.

Get good sleep. Eat well. Move your body. If you’re fading early in your productive workday, you can try a small secondary booster dose on an empty stomach. Also, make sure you are being realistic about how much you should actually be able to accomplish in one day.

More Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I'm feeling spacey or trippy?

Did you drink alcohol with Qualia or mix it with other drugs?

Because of the GABAergic effects of alcohol mixed with Qualia, a small percentage of people could experience feeling a little spacey or trippy. Some users may also experience heightened effects of alcohol, such as feeling inebriated quicker, when taking Qualia. For these reasons, we don’t recommend taking Qualia within 24 hours of alcohol consumption.

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What will I experience with Qualia?

The most common effects people report from Qualia Mind and Qualia Mind Essentials are increased focus and attention, increased memory and cognitive capacity, increased drive, motivation and positivity, and increased emotional resilience.

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Why is cycling important?

Cycling maximizes the benefits while also preventing desensitization. As such, our products are designed for regular use, with cycling: 5 days on and 2 days off each week. It does not matter if the 2 "off-cycle" days are consecutive or apart, so long as they happen each week.

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Will Qualia show up on a drug test?

There are no ingredients that should conflict with any standard corporate drug test, nor is there any ingredients that is a controlled narcotic. 

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Can I take Qualia if I'm using CBD Oil?

While Qualia is generally well tolerated by those using CBD oil, consult with your physician to make sure the specific medical condition for which you are taking CBD oil does not contradict with any ingredients in Qualia. 

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Does Qualia help address anxiety or depression?

Unfortunately, the chemistry of depression and anxiety can be very nuanced. As such, we do not recommend anyone experiencing any type of psychiatric issues take Qualia unsupervised. While some have reported that they have felt a brighter mood and more calmness after taking Qualia, we recommend further discussing this with your physician. Please also see our disclaimer below:

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Is Qualia product safe to take with a/o as a replacement for Adderall?

We do not recommend taking Qualia with any other psychoactive medication, such as Adderall.

You should consult your physician when discontinuing use of any psychoactive medication prior to using any product you are intending to replace the use of a psychoactive medication.

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What should I do if I get an upset stomach or nausea?

If stomach upset occurs when taking the product on an empty stomach, take with a meal instead. 

Optimal dosage can vary based on body weight and sensitivity.

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Can I take Qualia while also using recreational drugs?

Since recreational drugs are not legal in the United States, we are not in a position to advise regarding their interactions with Qualia. 

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Is Qualia safe? Who is it safe for?

We’ve taken care to avoid risky ingredients and to select dosages that are unlikely to have negative effects for most people. That said, this isn’t a placebo. The supplements in Qualia have real effects and there is a lot in here. Read the instructions and follow them. If something feels wrong, stop using it.

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