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How can I ensure I get the most out of Qualia Night?

Qualia Night will work best when you also pay attention to several diet and lifestyle habits. Evening body clock functions perform the best when the body can predict when to schedule major jobs. This predictability is dictated by the timing of two behaviors that are major time giving cues, called zeitgebers, for the body clock—sleep-wake cycles and meal timing. Because of their role in time-keeping, we recommend going to bed at about the same time most nights and eating dinner on a regular schedule. It’s also important to limit behaviors that act as dyschronogens (i.e., things that disrupt body clock timing). The four things that tend to be the most important for most people are to: (1) limit caffeine to early in the day (ideally prior to noon), (2) if you drink alcohol, do so in moderation and ideally at or near dinner time, (3) allow at least a few hours between eating dinner and bedtime, and (4) if you are using a screen (e.g., TV, computer, smartphone) after dark, consider wearing blue-blocking glasses Comment end.

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Who should take Qualia Night?

The simplest answer is “any adult who would benefit from getting sounder sleep and feeling more energized, alert, and focused the next day.” That said, Qualia Night was specifically designed for people:

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How does Qualia Night work?

Qualia Night combines 25 carefully selected ingredients. These ingredients were selected for several reasons. Some ingredients support the brain in making and responding to major sleep regulating neurotransmitters (such as GABA), neurohormones (melatonin), and sleep homeostasis drivers (like adenosine and uridine).

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What is Qualia Night?

Qualia Night is a dietary supplement designed to support the brain and body in shifting gears from our active daytime physiology into what’s needed to relax, support healthy sleep, and wake feeling refreshed. 

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Can I take Qualia Night while intermittent fasting?

Yes. We consider Qualia Night to be compatible with intermittent fasting.

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What are some of the main areas Qualia Night addresses?

There are many dietary supplements available which claim to help people sleep. They typically use herbs intended to produce sleepiness, high doses of melatonin, or both. 

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What should I expect when taking Qualia Night?

Qualia Night was designed first and foremost to help users perform better during their days by helping with nightly relaxation and rejuvenation. A key point is that what happens at night will have a dramatic effect on how we perform the next day.

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Do I need to take the full 4-capsule dose of Qualia Night?

No. It’s fine to take a lower dose. A small subset of users prefer taking only 1 to 2 capsules. While 4 capsules is the recommended dose, and is the most common way users take Qualia Night, it is fine to adjust the dose lower as needed to find what works best for you and your chemistry.

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Can I take Qualia Night in addition to other Qualia products?

Yes! When we designed Qualia Night, we did so assuming people would take it with our other Qualia products.

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How soon will I notice something after taking Qualia Night?

Most users notice one or more of the following within the first two weeks of taking Qualia Night: (1) feeling more relaxed at night, (2) experiencing sounder sleep, (3) waking more refreshed and energized, and (4) having more productive days. 

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How many calories does Qualia Night have?

We don't have exact calorie data on any of our formulations. Calories are not a standard part of labeling for dietary supplements, because, unlike foods, or macronutrients (e.g., fats, carbohydrates, proteins), vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs don’t have clearly defined calorie counts.

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