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How do I get the best results with Qualia?

Qualia is intended to support cognitive function and productive flow states as a part of a lifestyle that promotes well being and optimal performance. Good nutrition, exercise, sleep, mental engagement, emotional management, and an empowered outlook are all essential for a healthy body and brain.

Qualia was designed for regular use, with cycling: 5 days on and 2 days off each week. This maximizes the benefits while preventing desensitization. It does not matter if the 2 "off-cycle" days are consecutive or apart, so long as they happen each week. For maximum benefits, we recommend that people cycle off all caffeine (including this product) for one week every three months or so. Qualia can also be used fewer days per week, or on an as needed basis for immediate effects, but the longer term effects this product is designed to support require regular use over an extended period of time.

Qualia is most effective in a rested brain and is not intended to enhance function during sleep deficit. Good sleep is crucial for optimal cognitive function. When you engage your brain more intensely, it can increase your need for sleep, as is the case with intense exercise. Please note many people describe their sleep cycle going through an adjustment process the first few days on Qualia. If you experience any lingering insomnia or sleep issue, you may want try taking Qualia earlier in the day or lowering the dosage, prior to ceasing use.

The instructions matter! This is a powerful nootropic stack, taking it as intended is important.

*Please note, the following can impact or alter the effects of Qualia:

  • Taking Qualia if contraindicated in the disclaimer may not be safe. 
  • Taking Qualia too late in the day may interfere with sleep.
  • Desensitization from other past stimulants, psychotropic drugs or meds may lessen the effects
  • Not drinking enough water 
  • Cannabis or alcohol use
  • Caffeine desensitization

More Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't I feel any effects from Qualia?

The number one reason people may not feel the effects is lack of or poor sleep. Qualia works along the same pathways in the brain that move your memories from short to long term storage when you are in deep sleep.

If those pathways are blocked or unavailable due to lack of or poor sleep, you will not feel Qualia working.

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Why is cycling important?

Cycling maximizes the benefits while also preventing desensitization. As such, our products are designed for regular use, with cycling: 5 days on and 2 days off each week. It does not matter if the 2 "off-cycle" days are consecutive or apart, so long as they happen each week.

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Is it OK to drink alcohol with Qualia?

Minimal alcohol consumption, such as a glass of red wine in the evening, is generally well tolerated. Please note, however, that taking with heavy alcohol consumption is not recommended.

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What should I do if I experience increased heart rate or flushing

If you are particularly sensitive to having heart rate increase because you have a heart condition or tachycardia, Qualia might be contraindicated. Please refer to our medical disclaimer and consult with your doctor.

If it’s only mildly elevated, stop use for a day or two, and try again at a lower dose, if you like. 

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What should I do if I can't swallow pills?

Are there alternative ways to take Qualia capsules or tablets and still get a beneficial effect?


You can open the capsules of Mind, Focus, or Eternus and take with water or even place under the tongue for quicker absorption.

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Is Qualia safe? Who is it safe for?

We’ve taken care to avoid risky ingredients and to select dosages that are unlikely to have negative effects for most people. That said, this isn’t a placebo. The supplements in Qualia have real effects and there is a lot in here. Read the instructions and follow them. If something feels wrong, stop using it.

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Can I take Qualia while pregnant or breastfeeding?

As found in our medical disclaimer, Qualia should not be taken by women who are pregnant or nursing. 

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Does Qualia cause lucid dreaming?

For some, Qualia can help them remember their dreams more vividly.

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What will I experience with Qualia?

The most common effects people report from Qualia Mind and Qualia Focus are increased focus and attention, increased memory and cognitive capacity, increased drive, motivation and positivity, and increased emotional resilience.

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Will Qualia show up on a drug test?

There are no ingredients that should conflict with any standard corporate drug test, nor is there any ingredients that is a controlled narcotic. 

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