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How does Qualia Vision work?

Qualia Vision works by supplying vision antioxidants, blue-light protection pigments, superfruit polyphenols, and vision nutrients that support the healthy function of the eyes and brain (the brain is part of the visual system). 

These ingredients support the eye’s innate mechanisms that convert light into energy while protecting themselves against this light. Extra photostress support can be especially important when we are looking at screens for sustained periods of time because screens shine a light (especially blue light) directly into the eyes, which places demands on the nutritional resources eyes use to capture and protect themselves from light. 

Qualia Vision also supports macular health, eye muscle endurance and recovery, eye surface comfort and health, and nerve and brain functions involved in processing visual information.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take Qualia Vision in addition to other Qualia products?

Yes! In fact, we consider it to be a great complement to products like Qualia Mind, Qualia Nootropic Energy Shot, Qualia Life, and Qualia Night. 

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