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How to Manage your Account

To manage your account, make adjustments to your subscription, update billing, shipping and payment info, adjust the date of your next shipment, cancel your subscription and more, refer to the following screenshots below: 

1. Log into your account 

We first want to ensure you that your account is safe and working but there may be some confusion on where or how to log in as we migrate the platforms.

If Your Order# Starts With NHC-

2. Go to Your Subscription and then Subscription Details.


3. You will then find the options to update your:

  • Shipping address
  • Payment Method
  • Enter a discount code 
  • Frequency of shipments
  • Next order date 
  • Cancel Subscription  


If Your Order# Is All Numbers

Homepage Account View

  • Account Overview
  • To Cancel Subscription = Hit 'cancel' button on right hand side
  • Click on 'edit' button to alter subscription preferences and shipment date
  • Click on 'Billing Information' tab to update payment info 




To 'Change Next Shipment Date' a/o alter the frequency of your auto-ship, click on the edit^ button from the Homepage view, followed by the corresponding links found therein, as seen below. 



To Update Payment Info, click on the Billing Information tab found on the left hand side of the Homepage view and edit accordingly, as seen below:



To Edit Shipping & Billing Info, click on the 'Address' link seen from the Homepage view, taking you to the page seen below. Click 'edit' and update accordingly.


More Frequently Asked Questions

How to log in to your account

Thank you for being part of the Neurohacker community.

To manage and or view your account, including current status and order history, order recurrence, change password, update shipping address, and payment method, please login to your account. 

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How to ensure you receive our emails

Services like Gmail, Outlook.com and Yahoo! Mail block some email that they may not recognize or may put some emails into “promotional” sections of your inbox. 

If you ask your email provider to unblock or an email address then email from that address will be more likely to get through to your inbox. 

Ways to make sure you receive all future order information, and updates.

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How do I Unsubscribe From Your Email List?

We are sorry to see you go...

If you aren't getting any value from our emails then we do not want to bother you with them any longer.

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