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Is Qualia Immune vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO?

Yes. Qualia Immune is vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.

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Is it okay to take vitamin C with Qualia Immune?

Yes, it’s fine to take vitamin C in combination with Qualia Immune. In fact, it's one of the ingredients we considered including in Qualia Immune. 

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How does Qualia Immune compare to other Immunity products?

We feel like there are no other immune products that compare to Qualia Immune. While some of the ingredients in Qualia Immune can be found in other immune products, we feel that the emphasis of our product on immune intelligence and training the immune system to be fitter, as well as the comprehensiveness of our approach are unmatched.

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Is it okay to split the dose of Qualia Immune between breakfast and lunch?

Yes. If you want to take part of the dose with breakfast and part with lunch that’s fine.

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Is it okay to drink alcohol with Qualia Immune?

Qualia Immune does not contain any ingredients reported to interact negatively with alcohol.

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Why doesn't Qualia Immune contain Vitamin C?

Because of vitamin C’s reputation for immune support, it was on the list of ingredients we researched. We did not include it for a combination of reasons.

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What are some of the main areas Qualia Immune supports?

Qualia Immune supports the immune system in becoming smarter and fitter. 

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What is Qualia Immune?

Qualia Immune is a dietary supplement designed to provide premium immune support. It combines nineteen scientifically studied ingredients in order to comprehensively support the different layers of the immune system, and the many interacting immune cells. 

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What time of day Is best to take Qualia Immune?

We believe it may be slightly better to take Qualia Immune earlier in the day, but this is not a requirement. 

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How can I ensure I get the most out of Qualia Immune?

Qualia Immune is designed to support the immune system in being smarter and fitter. It was also designed for when a person’s lifestyle has not been optimized for a high performing immune system. 

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Can I take Qualia Immune in addition to other Qualia products?

Yes. Qualia Immune was designed to be able to be taken with our other products, Qualia Life, Qualia Mind, Qualia Mind Essentials, Qualia Nootropic Energy Shot and Qualia Night

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