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Is there a way to save money on my Qualia Life subscription?

Earn $10 credit when you refer a friend. They get $10 off their first order and you get $10 off your next order.

Get your unique code to share with your family and friends.

We want to reward our community for helping share and spread the word about Neurohacker Collective and the work we are doing.

Share the unique coupon code with your friends and family and if they purchase one of our products they will get a discount on their first order and you will get a credit on the next order of your subscription.


So, how exactly does this work?

The program is simple: when you refer a friend to Neurohacker Collective, you get a $10 discount on your next month's order, and your friend gets a $10 discount on their first order. If you have an active subscription, login and go to settings to get your code. Your code is good for $10 off any subscription, and when someone uses your code, you get a $10 credit to be applied to your next subscription order.

Who's eligible?

Any current subscriber is eligible to receive discounts on their subscription by referring friends to Neurohacker Collective.

What if I refer more than one friend?

You can refer as many friends as you like. For each that subscribes, you get a $10 discount off a month from your subscription. Discounts you earn can only apply $10 per month, so if you refer 5 friends, you get $10 off for 5 months. If you have a large audience, or feel like you'd like to share more broadly, take a look at our partner program.

How can I share my code?

You are free to share your code how you like. On social networks, via email, printed on business cards, you name it. Just please be respectful :)

More Frequently Asked Questions

How should I get started with Qualia Life?

A good strategy, when starting anything new, is to start slow and gradually working your way up. This takes advantage of the body’s adaptive capacities and minimizes chances of poor response. Exercise is a great example of this. When starting a new exercise routine, the tendency is to want to do a lot right away. But this increases chances of having very sore muscles or getting injured. So, it’s better to start conservatively and slowly do more as your body gets accustomed to the new routine.

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Can I take Qualia Life in addition to one of the Qualia products?

Yes you can take Qualia Life with Qualia Mind, Qualia Focus or Qualia Nootropic Energy. 

When we designed Qualia Life, we did so understanding people would take it with one of the other Qualia nootropic products. 

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Why don’t you use nicotinamide ribose or nicotinamide mononucleotide?

Nicotinamide riboside and nicotinamide mononucleotide are newer (and very expensive) dietary ingredients used to boost NAD+. Boosting NAD+ is not unique to these newer ingredients. It’s the defining characteristic that makes a compound a vitamin B3. The niacin equivalents—niacin (nicotinic acid; NA) and niacinamide (NAM)—boost NAD+. L-tryptophan is also a precursor for NAD+. We included both NA and NAM, as well as L-tryptophan, because these ingredients can be used to make NAD+ and this approach supports three different ways of making it. Redundancy is a core value within complex systems science and something we look for when formulating our products.

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Does Qualia Life work for everyone?

How does Qualia Life work?

We’ve written a series of articles discussing how Qualia Life works in detail. But, in general, it works by helping our cells and mitochondria do more work, especially the types of tasks they tend to struggle to get to as we get older. When our cells and mitochondria can do more work, and get to all the important jobs we need them to do, we look, feel and function better.

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What should I do if I notice a side-effect and think it might be because of this product?

One of the interesting things found in studies is that placebos can have positive effects … and unwanted effects. The common side-effects seen from placebos match what are found in studies of dietary supplements and what we saw in our tolerability testing. 

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Nutritional Content of Qualia Life

What is the sugar content of Qualia Life? Can I take Qualia Life while on a Keto diet?

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Why do you recommend taking Qualia Life for 5 days followed by 2 days off?

Neurohacker Collective uses a model of science called complex systems science. One of the core principles is adaptation. Living organisms are experts at adapting to things. 

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Differences between Qualia Life and Qualia?

Qualia Life was designed to make your cells and mitochondria (the powerhouses of cells) work better. When your cells and mitochondria are able to do their jobs better, we look, feel, and perform better.

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What should I expect when taking Qualia Life?

Depending on health, age, and other factors, what you experience will vary. In the biohacker and quantified self communities, you’ll run across the acronym YMMV. This stands for “your mileage may vary.” It means that every person does not respond identically to the same thing. YMMV is seen with diet, exercise, sleep needs, and circadian preferences (i.e., some people are morning people; others are night people). It’s also seen with dietary supplements. Because of this, there’s a growing movement for what are called N-of-1 (or one person) experiments.

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Instructions for Qualia Life

Qualia Life effects are dose-dependent, varying with body weight, general sensitivity and desired level of effect. 

The standard dose for most people is 8 capsules. Take Qualia Life first thing in the morning, with food. 

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