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Who should take Qualia Nootropic Energy?

Who should take Qualia Nootropic Energy?

The simplest answer is “anyone who would benefit from feeling more energized, alert, and focused.” Qualia Nootropic Energy are intended for healthy adults who want to enhance their mental and physical energy, upgrading how they perform during their day. Many of us have more than one demanding role. We are parents, partners, working professionals, athletes, students, and more. We work and play hard. To perform at our best, we can use some extra support. This is why we created Qualia Nootropic Energy, fast, lasting clean energy to help you be your best self.

Who should not take Qualia Nootropic Energy?

Women who are pregnant or nursing.

Children and teens.

Check with your doctor before taking a Qualia Nootropic Energy if…

You are currently taking any prescription medications.

You have been advised by your physician to avoid caffeine or other stimulants.

You have a medical condition that makes you concerned about taking it.

You are concerned about taking it for any reason.

More Frequently Asked Questions

How should I get started with Qualia Nootropic Energy?

The convenient bottle and 2-ounce serving size makes Qualia Nootropic Energy easy to carry and simple to take. A great way to get started is to drink a bottle before some activity or event where you want to be able to perform at your best. Drink a bottle and pay attention to how you perform over the next few hours.

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Can I take Qualia Nootropic Energy in addition to Qualia Life?

Yes. Qualia Nootropic Energy were designed to be able to be taken with Eternus.

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Why did you use coconut sugar in Qualia Nootropic Energy?

Four grams of organic coconut sugar are used to provide the mild sweet taste to improve the overall flavor profile of Qualia Nootropic Energy.

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How does Qualia Nootropic Energy work?

Qualia Nootropic Energy combines 12 scientifically studied ingredients to support a broad array of cognitive and athletic skills.

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Why do you recommend taking Qualia Nootropic Energy for no more than 5 days in a row followed by 2 days off?

The short answer is that this helps prevent the tendency to adapt or habituate. Living organisms are experts at adapting to things.

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When should I take a Qualia Nootropic Energy?

The simplest answer is “whenever you want to feel more energized.” Some specific ideas of when you might want to take a Qualia Nootropic Energy include:

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What should I expect when taking Qualia Nootropic Energy?
Instructions for Qualia Nootropic Energy

Qualia Nootropic Energy is a 2-ounce liquid shot designed to work fast and provide long-lasting clean energy. 

Feel free to take less than the full bottle if a smaller amount feels like it would be right for you. 

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What should I do if I notice a side-effect and think it might be because of this product?

One of the interesting things found in studies is that placebos can have positive effects … and unwanted effects. 

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Is it okay to drink alcohol with Qualia Nootropic Energy?

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans cautions against mixing alcohol with caffeine.

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