“As a reviewer of various nootropics and gadgets for my book ‘The Technology of Joy’, I’ve tried out a lot of products that make a lot of claims. I have also given the audiences I speak to a lot of nootropics to try out and see which ones they like the best. I have found that Qualia is my personal favorite nootropic, and the one that seems to have the greatest positive effect on the people who try it out. It is truly a breakthrough product for helping people be and feel at their best. I’ve seen that once a person gives Qualia a shot, they are almost always impressed with its effectiveness–and extremely grateful that they learned about it.”

– Jonathan Robinson

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– Jonathan Robinson


Biography Of Jonathan Robinson

When you are a psychotherapist, author, and public speaker, you converse, write, and inform. When you are Jonathan Robinson, your conversations are with the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa, your readership repeatedly elevates you to the New York Times best-sellers list, and you inform Oprah and CNN.

From spiritual awakening, to interpersonal relationships, to wealth creation and management, there isn’t much Jonathan hasn’t spoken or written about. And with a body of work that has reached hundreds of millions and counting, we think you’ll find he’s spoken and written on these topics in a singular way. But thinking of Jonathan as a mere author and speaker is short-selling his aims. He is, more broadly, a curator of tools and approaches to maximize the human experience. In his book, “The Technology Of Joy” he presents 101 apps, tools, supplements, and gadgets for procuring delight. He cares more about the resulting betterment of humanity around him than the precise vehicle for achieving it.

You’ll find his work to be a combination of intellectual challenge, hilarity, and spiritual vibrancy. Call it a whole-systems approach to communication…that’s sort of a natural fit around these parts.

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