Pyrroloquinoline quinone

PQQ is a quinone molecule with a potent anti-oxidant and neuroprotective effect. Studies indicate that PQQ can help prevent cognitive decline.

Scientific Name:
Pyrroloquinoline quinone


  • PQQ reduces oxidants and is continuously recycled into its active form by glutathione[1]
  • Increases the production of mitochondria and improves their efficiency – can act as a growth factor after prolonged intake[2]
  • Decreases the production of some anti-inflammatory molecules such as IL-6[3]
  • Regulates NMDA glutamate receptor activity – reduces excitoxicity and increases neuroprotection[4]
  • Increases NGF synthesis – promotes neuronal growth and survival[5]
  • Neuroprotective role in aged individuals – attenuates neurodegenerative and age-related cognitive decline[6]
  • Can improve sleep and decrease fatigue and stress[7]

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