Strawberry Seed Extract

Strawberry Seed Extract Common Name

Garden Strawberry | Strawberry

Top Benefits of Strawberry Seed Extract 

  • Supports mitochondrial fitness & healthy aging*
  • Supports metabolism & healthy weight* 
  • Supports healthy blood fat levels*
  • Supports healthy blood sugar levels & insulin signaling*
  • Supports antioxidant defenses*
  • Supports healthy cellular responses*
  • Supports cognitive health*
  • Supports cardiovascular health*
  • Supports healthy skin*

What is Strawberry Seed Extract?

The garden strawberry was first bred in the 1750s by crossing a strawberry variety from eastern North America (Fragaria virginiana) with a variety from Chile (Fragaria chiloensis). The result was Fragaria × ananassa, what we think of as the strawberry, which is now grown worldwide. The seeds are high in polyphenol compounds, and are one of the best sources of a flavonoid called tiliroside. Tiliroside has been reported to have several health-promoting and energy-enhancing effects.*

Neurohacker’s Strawberry Seed Extract Sourcing

Strawberry Seed Extract was selected because it contains a unique flavonoid called tiliroside.

Created by Oryza, a worldwide leader in standardized seed extracts. 

Seed extract, with double standardization for tiliroside (≥ 0.5%) and polyphenols (≥ 2.0%).

Studies of this extract suggest it might support healthy skin, weight, metabolism, and other functions needed for healthy aging.*

Strawberry Seed Extract Dosing Principles and Rationale

Many flavonoids follow hormetic dosing principles (see Neurohacker Dosing Principles). Because one of the main active compounds in strawberry seed extract is the flavonoid tiliroside, we expect the extract to have a hormetic range (i.e., a dosing range above which results could be poorer). We have selected to dose this at the lower end of the range recommended by the product supplier, because of this hormetic principle, and also because we anticipate it having additive or synergistic effects with other ingredients.*

Strawberry Seed Extract Key Mechanisms

Mitochondrial Structure and Function

  • Stimulates mitochondrial biogenesis[1]
  • Stimulates mitochondrial fatty acid β-oxidation[2]

Antioxidant defenses

  • Promotes antioxidant defenses (superoxide dismutase [SOD], catalase [CAT], glutathione peroxidase [GPx] glutathione reductase [GR], glutathione transferase [GST])[1,3]
  • Protects from protein and lipid oxidation[1,3–6]


  • Influences PPARα and PPARγ signaling[2,7]
  • Upregulates adiponectin signaling[2]
  • Upregulates insulin signaling[2]

Cellular signaling

  • Downregulates proinflammatory signaling (inducible nitric oxide synthase [iNOS], cyclooxygenase-2 [COX-2], mitogen-activated protein kinase [MAPK]/p-c-Jun N-terminal kinase [JNK], MAPK/p38, nuclear factor-κB [NF-κB], tumor necrosis factor α [TNFα], interleukin 6 [IL-6], nitrite, prostaglandin E2 [PGE2])[8,9]

Healthy aging and longevity  

  • Sirtuin 1 (SIRT1) activation[1,10]
  • AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) activation[1,2]
  • Influences Nrf2 signaling[1,10]


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