Supports brain function *

Supports cognitive function *

Supports mood *

Supports antioxidant defenses *

Supports cardiovascular function *


Taurine is an organic amino sulfonic acid naturally produced in our body.  It has nootropic and neuroprotective actions and can improve memory and has anxiolytic effects.


Brain function

Supports synaptic long-term potentiation 1

Modulates GABAergic neurotransmission 2–5

Modulates glycinergic neurotransmission 6

Upregulates BDNF production 5

Cognitive function

Supports short-term memory 5


Supports mood 6–9

Antioxidant defenses

Downregulates reactive oxygen species (ROS) production 10

Downregulates ROS by supporting mitochondrial protein synthesis 11,12

Upregulates antioxidant defenses 13–16

Protects tissues from oxidative damage 8,16–18

Cardiovascular function

Protects vascular endothelial cells 8,19

Protects cardiac muscle cells 17,18

Supports the generation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) 20

Supports healthy blood flow 19


Supports healthy insulin sensitivity and glucose metabolism 13,21,22



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