Vinpocetine is a vasoactive alkaloid derived from Periwinkle with neuroprotective and nootropic actions. Studies indicate that vinpocetine can benefit attention and memory, decrease fatigue and increase alertness.

Scientific Name:
Ethyl apovincaminate


  • Neuroprotective against a wide array of neurotoxic chemicals – through inhibition of voltage-gated sodium channels and reduction of calcium-influx into neuronal cells[1]
  • Anti-inflammatory activity – reduces TNFα-induced expression of pro-inflammatory molecules[2]
  • Cerebral vasodilation through phosphodiesterase (PDE) type-1 inhibition – increased blood flow in the brain[3]
  • Improved brain metabolism due to increased glucose availability – leading to increased neuronal ATP
  • Upregulates acetylcholine, noradrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine receptors[4,5]
  • Cerebral antioxidant[6]

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