Harnessing the Power of Your Breath

Harnessing the Power of Your Breath

We breathe all day long without ever giving it much thought, but we'd like to invite you to explore what is possible when you can harness the power of your breath. Learning to control the breath is one of the most powerful (and free!) neurohacks we have for improving concentration, managing stress, developing optimal health, and guiding our spiritual advancement.

This article will cover:

  • What is breathwork?
  • How does breathwork work?
  • What does breathwork do for your body and mind?
  • Breathwork training practices

What is breathwork?

Breathwork is a foundational tool that can be practiced at a moment's notice and in almost any situation to help relieve stress, regulation emotional states, and otherwise help deal with all the chaos the world can throw at you.

Understanding the breath and its ability to regulate the nervous system can help you notice and move between states of fight or flight or sympathetic and the rest and relaxation or parasympathetic functions of our regulatory systems.  When you understand how the breath functions and supports this process you have the power to switch your state at a moment's notice, putting you in control of your body and how you feel and operate in your world.

The Science of Breathwork

Brian Mackenzie of SH//FT breaks down the science and physiology of breathwork.  He dives deep into the regulatory process and science behind breathwork and this is the perfect primer to the rest of the series.

Mackenzie discusses the principles surrounding physiology, breath, and how it works as a systems-wide regulator of not only how we use energy, but its impacts on psychology, movement and performance as well. 

You will learn:

  • How the brain and the breath work together
  • How oxygen and physiology respond to breath
  • Why breathing is at the foundation of all movement

Resources from The Science of Breathwork:

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Biology of Belief from Bruce Lipton

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A Unique Breathing Practice for Elite Performers

As breathwork is a core physiological practice, its effects on our mind, thoughts, and attitudes towards what we can accomplish are profound. Mark Divine, an accomplished navy seal, author, and trainer to the world's elite teaches the practice of breathwork as foundational to achieving all that is set before you.

Mark Divine introduces the unique breathing practice he teaches to elite performers that allow them to dominate over stress and maintain control while under extreme pressure. The practice combines arousal control, attention control, and mindful awareness into a single continuum of practice that retrains the body-mind for optimal health, balance, and performance.

You will learn how to:

  • Dominate stress
  • Maintain control while under pressure
  • Increase arousal & attention control
  • Expand mindful awareness

Resources from A Unique Breathing Practice for Elite Performers


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Box Breathing App

Box Breathing: A Breathing Technique to Focus the Mind

Unbeatable Mind book on Amazon

Shift Your State With Conscious Breathing Patterns

With the connection between your body and mind, breathwork allows you to shift your state of consciousness as you get deeper into the practice.  You have at anytime the options and tools to create the state necessary to optimize your focus, relax your body for sleep, or set yourself up to perform as you desire.

In this session, Kasper van de Meulen AKA the "Breathwork Biohacker" takes you on a ride through the different states of your nervous system through conscious breathing patterns. He explains how to use these to optimize focus, sleep, and performance. 

You will learn how to:

  • Regulate your nervous system
  • Optimize focus
  • Increase performance
  • Enhance the quality of your sleep

Resources for Shift Your State with Conscious Breathing Patterns

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Breathwork Resources

Aligning the Conscious and Subconscious Through Breath

Breathwork as a tool for managing and regulating how you feel and operate is powerful and can give you access to taking control and designing your day to day experience, but there is still more possible as you go deeper.  Healing from past trauma, working with and processing emotions as you learn to and connect with your identity beyond and before the mind are all possible through the practice of breathwork.

Marcel Hof (Wim Hof's brother) is one of the world’s most experienced breathwork facilitators and is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the field of breathwork.  He leads this workshop on aligning the conscious and subconscious through the breath. 

You will learn how to:

  • Breathe through trauma, anxiety, fear, excitement, and joy
  • Identify who you are beyond and before the mind

Resources for Aligning The Conscious and Subconscious Through Breathwork

Marcel Hof Method (71% off the program with this link)

Marcel Hof on Instagram

Explore What is Possible with Breathwork

We wanted to share not only the science behind this practice but also provide you with several different practices from some of the top leaders and practitioners in this space so for the month of October we hosted weekly breathwork events, partnering with remarkable coaches and biohackers, known for pioneering breathwork techniques. As a community of neurohackers we learned to harness the power of our breath shoulder-to-shoulder and we want you to have these as essential tools in your neurohacker toolkit.

We hope you will take up the practice of breathwork and incorporate this into your daily routine to set yourself up with the power and presence to create the world you want to live in.

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