Don’t let life overwhelm you.

Qualia is a syngergistic blend of 42 ingredients designed to support radical uplift of mental function, mood and energy.

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Motivated. Clear-headed. Energized.

Give your brain and body what it needs to tune into the best version of you.

Beat Brain Fog

Push distractions aside, and focus on what matters now. Feel clear-headed.

Boost Brain Nutrition

Support the body’s systems for a vibrant and healthy lifestyle.

Overcome Fatigue

Restore your supply of clean, relaxed energy.

Experience Peace of Mind

Quiet the inner critic, and be present for those important in your life.

Defend against the stress of the modern world.

Our fast-paced, modern life demands a lot of us. Even when we’re eating right, exercising, and getting good sleep, we find ourselves exhausted. Increased stress and environmental toxins deplete our resources, leading to deficiencies in key minerals and nutrients needed for healthy functioning. We can use a little extra support.

Costs less than your daily latte, with more benefits.

Many drink coffee or take stimulants to get the focus and energy they need. But these often come with a price: irritability, a jittery crash, even addiction. There’s a better way. Qualia is formulated for consistent energy without the side effects. And, it’s packed with many of the basic vitamins, minerals and adaptogens that contribute to optimal health. Enjoy comprehensive care.


When our body is out of tune, so are we. The body maintains balance during stress through a mechanism known as homeostasis. When properly supported, it helps us remain energized and focused during life’s challenges. But chronic stress can make it difficult for that natural equilibrium to be restored. Qualia is designed to support underlying regulatory function so we can handle more.



Balance Mind and Body

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“Qualia delivers the most comprehensive supplementation of available in any nootropic stack I have seen. It is designed to deliver meaningful improvements to overall cognitive function.”

Daniel Stickler, MD


We can’t fully show up for the people we love and care about if our own well is dry. Take responsibility for the health of your brain and mind, so you can give the best of yourself to the world around you.

1/2 of our ingredients restore your ideal functioning

10 Neuro-Vitamins & Minerals to
Restore Nutrient Deficiency

Even the healthiest food is grown in mineral-depleted soil. We lack core nutrients required for optimal cognitive functioning. Our formula restores your nutrient levels.

8 Adaptogen Extracts to
Support Cell Health

We use extracts of stabilizing herbs and superfoods to utilize the best nature has to offer. They help maintain the health of our cells and body for longevity and vitality.

6 Neuro-Anti-Inflammatories &
Antioxidants to Repair and
Prevent Cell Damage

We are exposed to hundreds of toxins from pollution every day. These ingredients repair cellular damage and protect us from future harm.

1/2 of our ingredients expand your performance capacity

10 Nootropic Compounds to
Elevate Cognitive Ability

Nootropics are substances that improve cognitive function. Our formula combines the ten most effective nootropics so you can operate from a consistently higher base of productivity.

5 Amino Acids to Support
Elevated Cognitive Ability

Amino acids are your brain’s natural building blocks for the neurotransmitters that govern your cognitive functioning.These ingredients match the brain’s increased demand from our nootropics.

3 Choline Donors to Enhance
Neuromotor Efficiency

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter that controls your neuro-motor connection. We boost your acetylcholine supply so your brain can communicate more efficiently with your body.

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