Neurohacker Co-founder Interviewed in New Nootropics Documentary, A Head Above

November 20, 2017

30 minute documentary follows a month-long journey of nootropics enthusiast Mansal Denton.

Nootropics are more than a “magic pill”. When 17th and 18th century Europeans replaced alcohol with coffee, it produced the Scientific Revolution and Enlightenment thinking. A simple chemical change can have drastic consequences for our lives and the world.

Today, nootropics, smart drugs, and self-experimentation technologies are helping high performers improve their mental performance from Silicon Valley to Wall Street.

In the documentary A Head Above, Mansal undergoes a personal journey to document writing a book in 30 days while using nootropics. While traveling through the American southwest to California, he interviews industry experts including:

Stream the full documentary for free at the A Head Above documentary website.

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