Optimizing the Natural Human Experience

Optimizing the Natural Human Experience

Daniel Schmactenberger talks with transformational thinker, speaker, and writer Ronnie Landis about Daniel's unusual upbringing, intrinsic motivation and what we can do as individuals to truly optimize our human experience

Daniel is first to admit he had a head start on big-picture thinking. While other precocious minds had to ward off traditional education’s tendency to teach subjects as if disconnected from each other, Daniel was experiencing early childhood in the Transcendental Meditation community of Fairfield, Iowa while being homeschooled on the works of Buckminster Fuller, Fritjof Capra, and David Bohm, to name just a few of many influences. When an upbringing is culturally backdropped by the potential depth of consciousness, educated by groundbreaking forerunners in whole systems science and trans-disciplinary problem solving, and then juxtaposed against the obscene extent of suffering in the world, one may see how Daniel became so deeply impassioned in expressing what could be, and how to get there.

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What we Discuss in this Interview:

  • The story of Daniel’s unconventional upbringing

  • Intrinsic motivation

  • Understanding the nature of reality and what is meaningful

  • How we can contribute to the world in a meaningful way

  • How omni-consideration moves us as a species

  • Recognizing that we are participants in the evolution of the whole

  • How we are waking up and taking charge of our own evolution

  • Eating sustainably for both the world and our individual bodies

  • How we must think and feel through our own ethical alignment

  • What neurohacking is and how we can use it to increase our quality of life

  • What is Qualia and how you can benefit

  • Getting into a creative flow state and being productive

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