Optimizing Quality of Life Through Neurohacking

Optimizing Quality of Life Through Neurohacking

In this episode, James sits down with Kristinna Wise and shares ways on how we can optimize our mental health to be able to uplift our human experience. Also, he tackles the benefits of nootropics over pharmaceuticals for cognitive performance as well as mental and emotional well-being.

What We Covered

  • [02:00] – All about James and the Neurohacker Collective
  • [04:20] – James first encounter and discovery of the “out of the norm” nootropic medicine
  • [08:35] – Essential actions to take care of your brain
  • [10:50] – Brain Fog, Stressors and Downgrade causes
  • [13:43] – Debunking the myths about the brain
  • [16:16] – How Brain Chemicals Influence Mood and Health
  • [18:24] – Effects of Synthetic Medicine
  • [23:02] – What is Nootropics and its effects to cognitive function
  • [28:00] – Supplement vs. Synthetic Drug: A comparison
  • [34:30] – Alternative Medicine or Prescribed Medicine: Is there an option?
  • [36:00] – Qualia supplement and its benefits

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