Overcoming Existential Risks by Redesigning Civilization with Daniel Schmachtenberger

Jacquelyn Loera
October 4, 2018

In this episode on Fringe FM, Matt Ward and Daniel Schmachtenberger discuss: 

  • How Daniel thinks about civilization design and fixing current political and economic problems
  • The importance of systems thinking in an age of interconnectedness
  • Why humanity is destined to destroy itself if we can’t fix our incentive structures
  • How exponential technology impacts existential risks of our species
  • Why the governments of today are not set up to handle the challenges of tomorrow
  • The Uber-ification of society and how it could save us
  • How to achieve abundance for all by rewriting our society
  • Why scarcity is such a destructive force
  • The problems with profits and ways to change capitalism
  • Why Daniel is worried about exponential technology
  • How functional medicine and nutrient-based therapies have transformed Daniel’s life


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