Molly Maloof, MD

Medical Advisor

Dr. Molly Maloof's goal is to maximize human potential by dramatically extending human healthspan (the period of a person's life during which they are healthy and free from serious or chronic illness) through medical technology, scientific wellness, and educational media. When she saw the digital revolution transforming medicine she knew she had to be a part of it. Since 2012 she has worked as an independent advisor and strategy consultant to over 20 companies in San Francisco and Silicon Valley in industries including biotechnology, digital health, and wearable technology. Her fascination with innovation has transferred into her private medical practice, which is focused on providing health optimization and personalized medicine to her patients. She is particularly interested in the intersection between systems biology, data-driven wellness and personal health technologies for optimizing health. Dr. Molly believes dietary risks are responsible for the majority of lifestyle-related illness in America. She is passionate about personalized nutrition and aims for food system transformation by helping to improve corporate choices.

“Neurohacker Collective is a group of otherworldly geniuses on a mission to bring better performance, health and longevity to the awakened, growth-oriented people.” -Molly Maloof, MD

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