Phase Shifting Humanity

Phase Shifting Humanity

In this episode, The guys from Future Thinkers talk with Daniel about Phase Shifting Humanity and fascinating ideas to do with building a better future for humanity. He describes why we need non-self-terminating and antifragile systems to sustain life on our planet.

Today our guest is Daniel Schmachtenberger. Daniel is an evolutionary philosopher and strategist, and social engineer. He is the founder of Critical Path Global, a research and design institute focused on developing an integrated set of technologies and processes for supporting a distributed systems for humanity’s total evolution.

His work follows in steps of Buckminster Fuller, and he focuses on complex systems, evolution of humanity, and global resource allocation planning and strategy. His aim is to find the shortest path to a fundamentally redesigned world system that supports the highest quality of life for all life in an ongoing way. He specifically focuses on developing economic and governmental systems that by design incentivize life-enhancing behavior, decentralized problem solving, and conscious participation.

Daniel Schmachtenberger has also been involved in spiritual development work with the Maharishi University of Management.

In this episode, Daniel talks about many deep and fascinating ideas to do with building a better future for humanity. He describes why we need non-self-terminating and antifragile systems to sustain life on our planet.

Daniel Shmachtenberger: Evolving Humanity

Daniel’s recent project is Neurohacker Collective, a smart drug brand with a vision of holistic human neural optimization. Their first product Qualia is a reference to a philosophical concept meaning “an individual instance of subjective, conscious experience”.

After trying Qualia ourselves, we decided to arrange a special deal for our listeners who also wanted to give it a try. When you get an ongoing subscription to Qualia at, just use the code FUTURE to get 10% off.

The key to future macroeconomics is the alignment of agency and well-being

In This Episode of Future Thinkers Podcast:

[3:45] – the criteria for creating an anti-fragile and non-self-terminating system
[15:22] – post growth materials economy
[18:14] – the issue of jobs and automation
[22:26] – educational systems of the future
[30:26] – a world view where the sense of self and the sense of the universe are not separate
[35:35] – optimizing human physiology and chemistry
[40:55] – complex systems theory and emergence
[42:57] – decentralized decision making and the blockchain
[53:19] – what young people can do to contribute to the future


“What are the necessary and sufficient criteria of a sustainable, non-self-terminating, thriving, anti-fragile world that does obsolete the catastrophic and existential risks that are the cause of suffering, create higher qualities of life? As far as infrastructure goes, it does require these three criteria: closed-loop, post-growth, and upcycling.”


“I am not an individual. I do happen to have a self organizing membrane that has some individuality to it, but I am an emergent property of everything else”


“The world didn’t have to stay dark in the time of Edison, and yet for all of human history before Edison it did. And taking on something that seemed impossible literally delivered the world from darkness.”


“Take really deep responsibility for the impact you have in your life while you’re here, and then all of the study, all the training, all the application to empower the kind of impact you want to have.”

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