Qualia Nootropic Energy Reviews

Darin B. - 2021-02-05
The first two doses had me a bit jittery, this sounds weird to say but I could almost taste the nervous energy during yoga practice. The 3rd to 5th doses were better, like I had acclimated to it. No significant increase in function. I actually feel better using Qualia Mind or simply micro-dosing mushrooms and staying hydrated. Taste is a bit rough.
Joshua C. - 2021-02-05
I didn't notice changes to my cognition, but it worked as an energy drink.
Alex M. - 2021-02-05
Day 1 went well besides the taste. Oh man does it taste awful. Energy felt great and I noticed it right away. Day 2 was fine and Day 3. Day 4 and 5 I had major crashes at around noon. I'm on day 5 typing this and i'm fighting the urge to fall asleep. I very rarely have this happen, yet alone 2 days in a row.
Brenda A. - 2021-02-03
I didn't like the taste, felt linda gritty and medicinal. It did seem to give me more clarity though
Cameron D. - 2021-02-03
Out of the fives days I have taken this, I have had paper from the seal fall into it twice. The seal is very difficult to remove and it isn't a great experience to feel part of it in my mouth when taking the shot. That said, the taste is really difficult to handle without chasing with water. The effects are subtle on days 1-3, but more pronounced on 4-5. I feel an energy and focus boost starting from around the 20 minute mark. It lasts for just around 1.5-2 hours before fading away.
Steven T. - 2021-02-03
Provided a little boost in energy and alertness
George W. - 2020-03-16
I don't notice a consistent effect. I'm going to try taking it on an empty stomach.
Matt H. - 2020-01-17
Good product and helps with my focus but I have had better results with other products
Kali O. - 2019-12-05
I felt a slight improvement in my ability to be productive, but not as much as I was hoping. I'm incredibly glad there was no crash or jittery feeling, but maybe it needs to be taken more frequently or on a fully empty stomach to get full effects.
Amy M. - 2019-11-18
I enjoyed the product but it gave me pretty severe intestinal issues. I am a little nervous to take my second shot. I might try half and see if that helps with the GI issues.
Chang H. - 2019-11-13
Since I was taking it for eight days, It seems Ok. Especially when I woke up and took in the morning before heading to work.
Jesse E. - 2019-11-11
I didn’t really notice much change.
william w. - 2019-10-25 | Beta Tester
Really enjoyed the novel pairing of the Alpinia galanga with the saffron. Furthermore, the inclusion of tryptophan was refreshing as many products on the market do not balance out the stimulant effect of nootropics with an anxiolytic meant to potentiate tryptophan. I am not an advocate of the N-acetyl-tyrosine as the data for it's efficacy is weak and I do not personally get an effect from Supplementation. However, that is my personal opinion and my personal experience, respectively. This may...Read more.
Todd S. - 2019-10-14 | Beta Tester
Both times I felt a good energy boost for just about 20-30 minutes and then it quickly wore off
Lauren S. - 2019-10-11 | Beta Tester
Great even lift in energy, but produced stomach and digestive distress! Did not enjoy the flavor.
Zsuzsanna A. - 2019-05-10
Apart from waking early, no discernible benefits.
jimmy l. - 2019-05-08
no better, no worse
Shona J. - 2019-05-08
I did not really feel the brain enhancing positives from this product.
Paul T. - 2019-05-06
Fine, can't detect a difference
Nick J. - 2019-05-04
No real effect yet.
Gretchen R. - 2019-05-03
No change
James F. - 2019-05-03
So far I have not experienced any significant changes.
Abdullah A. - 2019-05-03
I felt the caffeine in the morning, but all the other effects were subtle.
A B. - 2019-04-30
No effect
Jose L. - 2019-04-30
I've been clumsy on my words, which has never happened with Qualia mind.