Qualia Mind Energy Shot Reviews

Ben F. - 2021-02-06
I took Nootropic Energy 5 days in a row at various times but always before 1 PM. I was impressed impressed with the focus I got but didn't have the jittery feeling or restlessness. A couple days in particular I amazed my self at how focused and zoned in I felt.
Ramon H. - 2021-02-06
On my days off, my morning gym session became more driven. During some sets, instead of 45 second rest periods, I cut them down to 20 second rest periods with no fatigue.
Michael B. - 2021-02-06
This product not only energizes all aspects of my physical form there is no crash and that sustained clarity keeps my day productive/full or vitality.
Jackie S. - 2021-02-06
Loved it! Plenty of energy and drive throughout the day.
hector r. - 2021-02-06
best energy shot ive taken
CK C. - 2021-02-06
I've tested hundreds of supplements and nootropics and I've actually felt the effects from just a handful of them. Nootropic Energy is undoubtedly one of them. Stacking it with Qualia mind was turbo!
Khalid R. - 2021-02-06
The flavor is powerful and concentrated. The serving is small so the taste was not difficult to deal with. I didn't feel any jitters or sudden alertness. What I did notice was that shortly after taking a dose what ever I was working on meditation, working out, work, or driving, I was focused and not distracted. All in all I'd recommend this to anyone looking to enhance focus without the 'physical' effects of a stimulant....Increased heart rate, jitters, dry mouth
Lana G. - 2021-02-05
pro: instant energy boost, no jitters from caffeine thanks L-theanine, reduced stress response, calmness and focus. contra: taste
Brayam M. - 2021-02-05
It gave me really good energy without a bad crash
Nick B. - 2021-02-05
I took it every morning about an hour after my first cup of coffee. It gave me sharp focus, clean energy, and lasted for about four hours. Granted, I practice intermittent fasting most of the week, so I don't eat until around 2:00pm in the afternoon. Overall, I highly recommend this product - this can easily replace coffee or tea - if that's something you're looking to do. I just love the taste of coffee. I just stacked them.
Erik K. - 2021-02-05
Clear focus and clarity without nervousness or being jittery
Michael D. - 2021-02-05
Nice, clean, jitter-free energy that seemed to work better than many products with significantly higher stimulant contents
Kyle M. - 2021-02-05
I have noticed increased energy and a clarity of thought that I haven’t felt in quite some time. I can’t say I enjoy the taste, but the results make it worth it. Overall, I give the product a 8.5/10 with the only deduction being for the flavor.
Joshua B. - 2021-02-05
It was good, however taking the paper top off was hard and drinking sometimes I got the paper in my mouth. I did use a knife to open it but I would recommend making it easier to open.
Nate L. - 2021-02-05
Clean energy and focus all day unlike anything I’ve ever tried
Aurora F. - 2021-02-04
This product gave me good energy without the jitters. I also noticed my head and focus also improved!
Ryon D. - 2021-02-04
Very subtle, yet affective. Very little jitters when taken on an empty stomach. A level, consistent amount of energy and clarity with no crash. Increased physical sensations while meditating. Not as noticeable affects when taken with food.
kathaleen a. - 2021-02-03
The taste was not that good but for all the ingredients in it I understand, so I can manage it.
Christopher G. - 2021-02-03
Full of energy. Felt great during the morning and early afternoon. No crash at all.
Nicholas T. - 2021-02-03
Unbelievable clarity, focus and energy with no anxiety or jitters
Elizabeth K. - 2020-12-31
I thought that this could be a good adjunct to my regular routine for those times when I need an extra boost. And it is. What surprised me is how good it is by itself! More energy, more capacity, better clarity and focus... Thanks again, NeuroHacker Collective for another fabulous product.
Anthony D. - 2020-12-03
It is like taking a 5 hour energy shot except it lasts for like 8 hours and it don’t give me a bunch of anxiety or the jitters it’s worth a shot you should try it and the taste isn’t too bad I just drink sweet tea right after
WymSkPhN W. - 2020-11-22
Elaine K. - 2020-11-17
the best product for a boost------no after shock with a downer.
William C. - 2020-11-12
I am 70 years old and working in construction when I use your product I feel my energy and am very productive