Qualia Mind Energy Shot Reviews

Brad L. - 2021-02-02
It gave me a little energy boost and a little positive mood boost.
Zekiel W. - 2021-02-01
This product definitely gave me the energy and focus I needed throughout my day. One day one when I drunk it, it came off as a little bitter despite the item saying it was the triple berry flavor. However, it 100% worked within about 5-10 minutes after I finished drinking it. I definitely needed to go to the gym to burn off so much energy. I didn’t intake any vitamins while using it for the day because I didn’t want anymore energy than what I already had. I’m still overall satisfied with the ...Read more.
Michael D. - 2021-01-31
I usually have a high tolerance for energy products and need a lot of caffeine. This product isn't overloaded with caffeine so I wasn't sure it would provide me a noticeable boost but it did. Nothing too amped up but an elevated, sustained energy.
Jeff C. - 2020-12-13
I'm happy with the results. Tastes horrible though...
Thomas R. - 2020-10-05
See above
Xiaoyi W. - 2020-02-28
This product makes me feel calm yet energetic.
Mehial Mike B. - 2020-02-28
So far seems to help when I need to dig down and hustle
Kyle R. - 2020-02-13
This really is a great energy drink. It provides a very lucid burst of energy with some nice similarities to Qualia, but much shorter lasting. Some other energy drinks I've had can become kind of unpleasant, but this one was wonderful. The taste is not good, but I'm not a fan of other energy drinks out there either, so that's not a big deal. Would recommend trying.
Ciprian C-tin C. - 2020-01-22
The product is good in terms of its effects. My comments: (1) the taste you get used to it, but could be smoother rather than feeling a tad sandy/granular. (2) it does have a moderate, consistent calming effect, you just feel calm. (3) is easy on the stomach, can take on empty too. (4) I really did not notice energy increase almost at all. Just feeling calm. All in all, this product is ok. For me, the taste/texture could use some improvement and I miss to see the energy jolt. I took so far f...Read more.
Thurman M. - 2019-11-24
Great Product. Half bottle is more than enough for the whole day
jon h. - 2019-11-18
to be honest, a two day trial is much too short in my opinion to provide any meaningful feedback. and my schedule was such that I tried a bottle one morning and then I didn’t use the second bottle until one morning a few days later. I did feel more alert but I couldn’t tell if it was different than just drinking a cup of coffee (with some medicinal mushrooms, cinnamon, etc.).
Peter H. - 2019-11-13
I take Qualia MIND early morning between 5-6am and then Nootropic early afternoon 12noon-1pm and remain motivated hyper focused all day and then easily fall asleep by 9pm.
Pax F. - 2019-11-12
Life sure is easier with the right nutrients in circulation. However, the sugar did affect my gut in a slightly unpleasant way. Any chance of making it with 2grams?
Jim H. - 2019-10-25 | Beta Tester
I like the energizing, non-jittery stimulation! I feel like I’m a more focused listener in conversation and more likely to dig into the next task without equivocating about it first. The flavor isn’t bad, but it does seem like coconut sugar is being used to mask bitterness of ingredients. I’d be curious if I’d like a less sweetened version more?
Shawn W. - 2019-10-23 | Beta Tester
Solid. Much better than these caffeine and flavor products. Could taste a bit better. But honestly it tells me it's loaded with real herbs and nutrients. Which again sets it apart.
Katerina P. - 2019-10-22 | Beta Tester
Four stars as I have only tried it for a day. I took it around 3 after yoga, I had only a bar, my stomach was kinda of empty. I felt a surge of energy and my blood sugar went up 10 points. Felt the caffeine, just like I feel when I have a little too much coffee back to back.
Jordan T. - 2019-10-21 | Beta Tester
This product was great. Wish I had more samples to test it out more.
Carrie K. - 2019-10-16 | Beta Tester
I believe I had more energy. I teach BallroomDance and taught lessons in San Diego and Vista, so long day, with 4 hours of dancing and a few hours of driving. I felt alert and handled the day well. I do wonder if having 2 or 3 samples of the product would give me a more comfortable position to fully judge the impact.
Aditya L. - 2019-10-09 | Beta Tester
I didn't feel much of a difference on the product. However I don't feel much of a difference on most products as I am a biohacker and have worked towards optimized my body already. That being said I took the energy shot in the evening for a little boost. Did not feel much of a difference after. My sleep quality the same night was extremely poor though, and this could be because of the energy shot. Other than that I love the ingredients in the energy shot and am looking forward to trying it ag...Read more.
Pamela G. - 2019-10-08 | Beta Tester
so far so good! The taste was god awful though... :/
Nancy D. - 2019-10-08 | Beta Tester
I noticed an overall calmness that allowed me to have more energy at the end of the day. Usually my mind is racing while my body is tired but it was not like that the first day. I felt energized and focused the entire day and night, with no need for afternoon naps! I felt productive and with apparently more time in my day! The only thing I did not like at all and will probably deter me from buying this product is the taste. It taste powdery and like a nasty medicine. I was not going to finish...Read more.
Julie M. - 2019-10-07 | Beta Tester
Full disclosure: I'm not a fan of most energy shots in general, and I also don't drink coffee regularly. I try not to lean on caffeine too much as "energy" as its really just kicking the fatigue "can" down the biological "aisle," so to speak. That being said, there's a time and a place for a little extra help, and this is a great formula for those cases. I love the ingredient set, and appreciate that it has so many protective additions included. I'm also thankful that it doesn't have that sic...Read more.
Victor C. - 2019-10-07 | Beta Tester
The results were most really good. I went to teach a few yoga classes after I took it, and my cues were were on point, like allowed me to think faster through the rest of the day. The taste isn’t the best though.
Scott S. - 2019-10-05 | Beta Tester
It’s only day one so far, still curious to get more of a sense of what difference I will feel from the regular Qualia capsules I’m used to
Austin C. - 2019-05-08
In terms of clearer thoughts, the product seemed to work relatively well for me. Sleep didn’t seem to be affected positively nor negatively. Overall I enjoyed the effects of the product. If it is released soon, I plan on ordering it and diving deeper with some other testing methods.