This scientifically-balanced focus supplement is the closest thing to inspiration in a bottle

How to set the right conditions for creativity and innovation by amplifying your focus

Written by the Neurohacker team, May, 2021

“I only write when I’m inspired, and I see to it that I’m inspired at nine o’clock every morning.”

While the author of this quote is up for debate — it’s been credited to writers like William Faulkner, Raymond Chandler, Peter De Vries — the point is crucial, regardless.

The idea of “waiting for your muse” is a fantasy. When you need to be creative — whether it’s writing a business proposal or painting a mural — you don’t have the luxury of time. Deadlines don’t wait for a muse.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get that feeling of “spinning your wheels” in the creative process:

Maybe it’s easy to come up with ideas, but a struggle to execute on them. Your ideas die on arrival, or your output doesn’t match your initial vision.
Or maybe you're under so much pressure that you don't have time for "brainstorming" and "exploration" — you need to produce something, and you need to do it now.
Between work, family responsibilities and the errands of life, the pressure to be productive fast is all too real.

The struggle to sustain creativity (and productivity) often happens because people don’t fully understand the process of creativity — and they really don’t understand how focus fits into the equation.

We’re going to show you how creativity works, and how we’ve formulated a nootropic supplement to help you with the hardest part of the creative process.

1. “Creativity” is actually 2 distinct processes — and most of us are pretty good at the first one

Whether you work in engineering or fashion, whether you’re trying to solve a mathematical problem or an artistic one…

The process of creativity (or “innovation,” if you prefer) can be broken up into 2 specific processes:

Divergent thinking is exploratory and playful. You research far and wide, connect seemingly-unrelated thoughts, and generate ideas. It’s a “brainstorm,” in short — and it comes easily to most people.
Convergent thinking is the hard part of the process. Once you’ve generated ideas, convergent thinking is what allows you to narrow your focus, find the best idea, and refine it.

When most people think of “inspiration,” they’re thinking about divergent thinking. But if you’ve ever started off a project with big dreams, only to have it buried by other projects that just seemed more important...

...It's likely because you're lacking convergent thinking skills - also known as "not having enough focus to see it through."

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2. Modern life makes it easy to generate ideas, but hard to focus and refine them

You may have heard that we live in an “attention economy” — meaning that attention is the scarcest resource of all. Everyone’s fighting for a slice of your attention, from your social media feeds to people in your group chats.

Our gadgets are continually tugging at our attention. We often complain that this shortens attention spans, but it also seems to boost divergent thinking.

Just 30 years ago, it wasn’t possible to power-browse the Internet, opening dozens of tabs and diving down rabbit holes. Some research shows that distractions help us generate ideas.

But when it comes to convergent thinking? Well, most of us struggle to refine our ideas because our focus is easily interrupted.

Focus and attention are crucial to convergent thinking. When we're distracted, it becomes harder to do.

That might be when you reach for that extra cup of coffee — only to feel jittery and scattered when you need to focus the most.

Caffeine’s focus-enhancing potential is well-known… but we knew it could be improved. We wanted to offer something that wasn't a roll of the dice as to whether it would help or harm your focus. We set out to create “inspiration in a bottle.”

That’s why we focused our research on natural compounds that complement caffeine, allowing you to focus on a task and promote convergent thinking.

3. You can extend the benefits of caffeine to three specific areas of brain function

In order to stick with the difficult task of convergent thinking, you need motivation, focus, and memory. So we set out to amplify all three:

Motivation –– Dopamine is the neurotransmitter your brain uses to motivate itself. Certain amino acids and vitamin C –– among other nutrients –– support the production of dopamine, so you can stay motivated for longer.
Focus –– It’s great that caffeine helps us feel alert enough to actually start on a task, but do you ever feel a little too wired, or jittery, when you drink it? Well, by providing ingredients that support a calm and focused mind too –– like the amino acid L Theanine –– you can benefit from a less frantic form of focus.
Memory –– Studies show that working memory is tightly correlated with creativity. Botanical compounds like Ginkgo biloba and Bacopa monnieri can help you delve into your memory archives to connect ideas.4

That’s the big picture approach to brain function. Taking nutrients that have interlinking benefits –– and are capable of working together in our bodies –– and providing them together for better motivation, focus, and memory.

4. We Created a Supplement That Provides the Four M’s of Inspiration

Our team of expert neurobiologists and doctors spent thousands of hours researching, testing, and tinkering the best formula for supporting brain function long-term.

The end result is a supplement called Qualia Focus.

Qualia Focus provides 14 high-purity, biologically available ingredients that help enhance the four areas of brain performance we mentioned earlier:

Mental Energy
Mental Focus

And it provides them in a way that takes the complex workings of the brain into account.

And, unlike convenience store energy drinks, there’s the right amount — and the right balance — of these ingredients to enable the brain to work better, for longer, without running out of steam later in the day.

We initially “soft launched” Qualia Focus to a small group here in California.

They were blown away by the way it made them feel — after only 30-40 minutes for some people. They reported that their focus and clarity was so fine-tuned that they completed work tasks that usually took all day in one morning.

That ability to “drill down’ is sadly missing from many people’s toolkits, as we’re inundated with notifications, messages, and alerts.

But by creating the right mental conditions for focus, memory, and motivation, you can promote the kind of creativity that many people are lacking.

But get this: because Qualia Focus is formulated to support and strengthen neural pathways, you can expect continual enhancement over the weeks and the months that you use it.

Pretty soon Forbes featured our work on their website. They wrote that they’d seen the best results in boosting focus by using our product.

Since then, word has been spreading about Qualia Focus among Americans looking to go a step beyond caffeine.

It’s already helped thousands of people find inspiration at the exact moment they need it. And it’s little wonder so many people give it a chance when you realize the deal being offered for the time being...

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