Qualia Focus Reviews

Khalid R. - 2021-11-30 | Beta Tester
I feel awake and alert without coffee
Derrick L. - 2021-11-30 | Beta Tester
Heightened focus and mental energy without any jitters or dropping off a "cliff" like you can experience with energy drinks
Tali L. - 2021-11-28 | Beta Tester
Higher energy and less procrastination
Ashley H. - 2021-11-27
Currently studying for an exam and was having a really hard time focusing. I decided to give this a try and have been taking it for the past 3 days and have noticed a difference in my focus AND retention of the information!
Robert B. - 2021-11-26 | Beta Tester
This is an excellent product
Dan N. - 2021-11-26 | Beta Tester
I feel that this product increased my focus and all-around clarity, as well as access to improved retention. I did noticed after the first week, that I felt like I crashed a bit, like the five-day improvement meant it took something out of me on the back end. I then tried taking just one pill a day for a week. There was no downside and I still felt very alert with great clarity and focus. This particular recipe/blend delivers!
Katharine S. - 2021-11-25 | Beta Tester
Very smooth and subtle. Was a little worried about adding more caffeine to my routine but it had very little affect on my sleep. No added hyper vigilance, just smooth focus throughout the day.
Elizabeth C. - 2021-11-25 | Beta Tester
Works well without any negative side effects.
Troy C. - 2021-11-25 | Beta Tester
My job requires lots of focus. I noticed a increase in the first couple days. Highly recommend.
Dan M. - 2021-11-25 | Beta Tester
Good energy through out the day without the afternoon crash. I find a have better focus at work and can more easily follow through and complete what needs to be done.
Nicholas G. - 2021-11-16 | Beta Tester
I actually feel more motivated! I've been in a horrible depressive, non-productive slump for many months, and, I kid you not, on the first day i was able to accomplish something I had been putting off for months! This has truly helped me focus, and my motivation is astounding compared to where I was just a few weeks ago.
Derek C. - 2021-11-16 | Beta Tester
Pleasantly surprised. Good focus without any jitters or anxiety. Surprised it’s only 2 capsules.
Lou C. - 2021-11-16 | Beta Tester
Noticeable energy and focus. I’m convinced
Michael K. - 2021-11-16 | Beta Tester
Fantastic, I've noticed I make it longer through the day before experiencing brain fatigue, and at the end of the work day i'm not nearly as exhausted as I was before.
Mike F. - 2021-11-16 | Beta Tester
Almost as good as Mind
Adrian S. - 2021-11-16 | Beta Tester
I feel much sharper during my work. concentrated and less distracted
Michael C. - 2021-10-28
Felt it immediately and allowed me to stay focused through my deadline.
Edward S. - 2021-10-27
I feel like I am more focused and relaxed throughout the day.
James A. - 2021-10-09 | Beta Tester
Felt much more alert and we energized
Shawn W. - 2021-10-09 | Beta Tester
This has helped me focus and be productive when i take it. It has been awesome.
Lisa M. - 2021-09-21 | Beta Tester
I will continue to take it
Josh L. - 2021-09-07 | Beta Tester
Increased focus with a quiet mind, increased a kind of smooth energy with out any jittery overstimulation.
Charlie R. - 2021-09-07 | Beta Tester
The first week I didn't see much of a difference, but after using this regularly for three weeks, I've seen a huge difference in my ability to command my own attention and get work done. I feel like I'm not fighting against myself and my own exhaustion anymore! The only note I have is not to take this with more than one cup of coffee -- that made me feel a bit jittery in early afternoon.
Cecilio F. - 2021-09-07 | Beta Tester
Great. I love it
Meg M. - 2021-09-07
I love this stuff! It's changed my life in the best way possible. I couldn't imagine being a middle school teacher without it. It makes me feel like I'm more myself.