Qualia Focus Reviews

Brandon K. - 2022-12-10
Works great! I feel more focused on tasks and have more energy to complete them
Aniah B. - 2022-12-09
Fantastic product. I got this because I was having exhaustion and trouble focusing. I also get full body pain and massive headaches. It solves my headaches and pain completely. I'm not sure why. I rely on this for my health regimen now.
Ian G. - 2022-12-07
The bottle is so cool and has a lot of capsules so if you don't want to take the full serving then it will last much longer since 7 capsules per serving. i think it is great and will help me feel better. i will continue to take them i love it
Uriah H. - 2022-12-07
Joel S. - 2022-12-03
This product worked the first day I tried it. Great improvement on focus and mental clarity. Highly recommended.
Travis K. - 2022-12-03
Best combo on the market. Great quality
James S. - 2022-11-30
Taken this on a few different occasions in the last two years. Sometimes it takes a few days to notice the effects but I love it!
Dominic C. - 2022-11-29
This product is amazing. Super focused, mood improved, and mental energy is through the roof
Amy S. - 2022-11-29
So I rely heavily if reviews and always skeptical of fake reviews so here is my honest review. Prior to taking Focus, I felt like giving up on life. I am 48 and have total lack of energy despite 8 hours of sleep and hormone therapy. I was struggling maintaining focus at work and would even take a nap after work on most days. My kids are teens and really don’t factor in my overall fatigue. Oh ya, my extensive thyroid test was normal. So I tried Focus and I only take 1 pill 4-5 days per week. I...Read more.
jocelyn b. - 2022-11-28
Just started but have big hopes!
Gianna T. - 2022-11-24
I love this stuff… I have only been taking it for 3 weeks now and have already noticed a big difference in my ability to stay focused and adapt to stress. My overall mood seems to have improved also!
Allen H. - 2022-11-22
I have a major issue with focus and attention span, I’ve noticed that when taking Qualia Focus it helps with concentration, more diligent on not procrastinating and simply getting things done. I have a bad habit of saying I’ll get to it later and lately I’ve been staying on task. I’ve also noticed a bigger impact when mixing with other Nootropics.
John T. - 2022-11-21
great stuff to clear the stuffiness
Jon V. - 2022-11-19
If you are looking for a totally natural way to enhance your focus and concentration, I highly recommend Focus from NeuroHacker. I has totally helped my performance at work.
Tracey N. - 2022-11-14
I find the Qualia Focus has helped when I have a thousand of things to do and overwhelmed. Even when I am sleep deprived - this has helped me regain a focus to get things done right.
Robin C. - 2022-11-14
It is a perfect balance in a nootropic. I have been a whole lot more focused and motivated in the early morning after trying Qualia Focus.
Suzanne G. - 2022-11-02
So far I am loving Qualia Focus. I usually have problems with concentrating and getting my thoughts in order, but I have noticed that this supplement has really helped me with this problem. I will continue to take the supplement and will recommend it to others.
Thomas D. - 2022-10-30
Works great
Devin B. - 2022-10-29
Fantastic Product, if you are looking for a boost in focus and mental acuity. I recommend this supplement.
John M. - 2022-10-28
I usually take a few supplements in the AM, fat burner, energy etc. I got my free bottle of this stuff and put it on my desk so I'd remember to take it the next morning. I took 1 (2 suggested) and was thinking to myself I was really very focused and it was a great addition to my other "stuff". At lunchtime I noticed I hadn't taken my normal morning stuff. I was totally shocked that one of these had given me such a boost. I have lots of early morning calls, this has made me feel smart again...Read more.
Gabriel G. - 2022-10-27
Amazing energy and focus better than Alfa Brain by Onnit
Youssef A. - 2022-10-25
this product was incredibly mind-blowing, I have never felt such a clear thought and an open mind. I 100% recommend this to anyone!
George M. - 2022-10-24
Super fast delivery, cant wait to see how much my focus improves.
Larry O. - 2022-10-18
Great ingredients including L-Theanine, Moderate Caffeine level, Also includes L-Ornithine, and multiple other ingredients, overall solid product not relying solely on caffeine and B-Vitamins
Jonathan V. - 2022-10-18
Still testing it out but seems to be pretty ok