Qualia Focus Reviews

beni b. - 2022-04-21
Very good
daniel g. - 2022-04-21
My Qualia focus sample did what i expected. It's perfect for starting the day off right. I appreciate you guys so much for offering the trial, i will keep that in mind if i feel i need more nootropic
Matthew M. - 2022-04-20 | Beta Tester
While using this product I have noticed an enhancement in focus and a more conscious awareness of my surroundings. During my last week I sort of felt a kind of burning sensation in my stomach after taking these pills. It’s not a bad burning but more of a tingling sensation burning but only in your stomach. I also perceived a sort of time dilation while taking this product before I went to work. Work days would go by faster without me even really noticing it. Playing video games after taking t...Read more.
Kevin B. - 2022-04-20
Been taking it for about a week now and it seems to give me a focus boost. Looking forward to checking long-term effects.
Michael D. - 2022-04-20 | Beta Tester
Increased focus with no side effects
El B. - 2022-04-19
In my last review, I stated that I'd switch from Qualia Focus to Qualia Mind. My automatic renewal kicked in for Focus first - and I'm glad it did! I've gotten used to having the option to zone in and focus, and days without Focus waiting for Mind would've been a bit of a bummer, studying and all.. once again, Qualia Focus does the job. I've since stopped the auto-renewal subscription for Focus, and plan to use Mind from here on out, just based on the reviews. Focus is still five stars in ...Read more.
Beth W. - 2022-04-19 | Beta Tester
Focus significantly improved, clarity returned, felt like I had a 5 year rewind.
Matt V. - 2022-04-18 | Beta Tester
I feel more energetic and focused. I take this first thing in the morning.
Matt C. - 2022-04-18 | Beta Tester
After using this product first thing in the morning, I felt great. My day usually starts in the gym at 5:30am. My focus and energy levels were great. It carried over to my job starting at 7:30 as a high school teacher. I was alert, energized and motivated. Overall, I am extremely happy with the product and plan on utilizing it on a consistent basis.
Tiffany M. - 2022-04-18 | Beta Tester
This was a great product! I am a serial procrastinator and FOCUS completely eliminated this while I was taking it. I would highly recommend for anybody who is having trouble focusing.
Mike L. - 2022-04-18 | Beta Tester
I noticed a significant increase in focus and a aid in mental fatigue
Ron W. - 2022-04-17 | Beta Tester
I found that during the time taking this supplement I found more myself both in a better mood and more productive. During the work day when I encountered extra work or other frustrations, while taking the supplement I found I was able to manage that extra stress better and accomplish more. Even on days where I told myself I was going to take it easy and focus on catching up on small tasks I found myself working as hard as ever and accomplishing much more. Being able to work harder and feel le...Read more.
Lezli S. - 2022-04-17 | Beta Tester
No brain fog, no headaches, happier, more energy, more present with family.
oraib b. - 2022-04-17
best investment ever
Elizabeth S. - 2022-04-17
Love it!
Hunter N. - 2022-04-17 | Beta Tester
It really helps my decision making and even mellows out my emotions! I feel better and I don't feel like my mind is always racing like it's been in the past.
Maria G. - 2022-04-15 | Beta Tester
Better than the first formulation primarily because it had less caffeine in it. I could take it without getting jittery
fernando d. - 2022-04-15 | Beta Tester
I have been hyper focused, taken on two extra college course and been able to work my regular job without any issues.
Ted E. - 2022-04-15 | Beta Tester
I feel alert, focused and sharp with no jitters.
Kyle N. - 2022-04-15 | Beta Tester
The more I take it the more I feel the benefits of the product, and the alertness/focus that follows with it. It doesn't feel like an artificial high, but completely natural.
Cindy F. - 2022-04-15 | Beta Tester
Great energy and focus even in long stressful work days and sleep was not optimal
Alexander Z. - 2022-04-15 | Beta Tester
The performance that I experienced early while taking Focus has lasted through my first three weeks with it. I'm happy to say that I haven't experienced much if any drop off in performance which is really rare with a caffeinated supplement. It has been a great start. I'm very happy with Focus!
Deann S. - 2022-04-15 | Beta Tester
Focus helped me to start the day with clear head & energy to begin my day.
Christopher M. - 2022-04-15 | Beta Tester
Improved energy, mood, and focus.
Kyle M. - 2022-04-15 | Beta Tester
I really noticed a boost in focus with this formulation. I seemed to respond well to it with a boost in energy and productivity.