Qualia Focus Reviews

J. Franklin H. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
Clean, focused energy throughout day.
Samuel B. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
I’m definitely more focused and attentive. I think it improved my mood as well.
Michael B. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
Been productive at work when I needed to be.
Carol C. - 2021-11-09 | Beta Tester
A little heart burn at first. Focus seemed to hep me with clearer conversation and choice of words especially in stressful . I seems similar to Qualia Mind but with the addition of celastrus paniculatus seed extract which I am interested in learning more about.especially in stressful situations. It seems similar to Qulia Mins in ingredients except for the addition of
John B. - 2021-09-27 | Beta Tester
Good product. Helped pull me out of allergic brain fog. Can take every day (unlike Qualia Mind.) And it doesn’t taper. 2 each morning seems to bring back a brain I “used to have” 20 yrs ago. Noticeably Different as an addendum to my standard stack of vitamins.
Trent W. - 2021-09-22 | Beta Tester
Allowed me to concentrate and complete tasks
Harry S. - 2021-09-21 | Beta Tester
Good. I didn't notice a major difference. I liked the extra energy and noticed some calmness.
Will B. - 2021-09-15 | Beta Tester
Definite increase in focus and concentration shortly after taking product, energy boost as well. If paired with too much additional caffeine like from coffee can feel a little "speedy". Overall, would recommend.
Haylan T. - 2021-09-07 | Beta Tester
Enhanced focus and energy especially in the morning.
Clair B. - 2021-09-07 | Beta Tester
I felt energetic while on it. I could feel its effect taking place in about 5-10mins. Later in the day I observed that I was not as tired as I used to be at that time of the day.
Jillean V. - 2021-09-04 | Beta Tester
I felt much sharper this week and able to sustain focus for longer
Cullen M. - 2021-08-23 | Beta Tester
I felt a heightened sense of my emotions yesterday. It was day one of taking the supplement. It was a type of heightened consciousness, but almost gave a a buzz. As if there was a new type of energy flowing through my body.
Jakob B. - 2021-08-22 | Beta Tester
I didn't notice much difference in the beginning, but that might have been because of lack of sleep. Definitely started feeling more focused and calm after the 4th day of taking the supplement. The effect is subtle, but it's a noticeable difference when I don't take it. I'm able to concentrate more and everything seems just a bit easier.
Joey G. - 2021-08-22 | Beta Tester
This product really increased my focus, allowing me to channel in on one project at a time. Wish it gave a little more energy, but we will see how I feel about it in the next week.
Barry S. - 2021-08-20 | Beta Tester
Feeling a little less foggy during the day.
Aubrey H. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
It definitely immediately energizes me. It's hard to say whether it's significantly improved focus after dosing just 5 times, but it's definitely doing SOMETHING. There is for sure an acute midly stimulating/energizing effect, and it lasts much longer than a simple cup of coffee does.
Robert T. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
I've been taking this in conjunction with Qualia Mind non-caffeinated & I'm an engineer by trade programming daily. Definitely seems to help me focus better.
Daniel S. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
After reading the ingredients I was concerned about it making me jittery. Not so. I have a low tolerance for caffeine. No problems whatsoever. Does help you focus on tasks with no ill physical effects
Daniel P. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
Definitely helps start the day off but also needs food to go with it, felt a bit nauseated when I skipped breakfast.
Nick B. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
I have noticed increased energy and mental focus when focusing for long periods of time - especially on tasks that I usually find somewhat difficult to get into such as writing about & reading new material.
Ryan N. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
I take this with breakfast in the morning and have noticed a slight increase in my ability to focus since taking this product. I drink two cups of coffee every day and haven't noticed any increased jitters or anything due to taking this, no downsides at all really, I may be having some light heartburn because of it though.
Dave L. - 2021-08-19 | Beta Tester
I have taken it for only four days but so far it seems good
Thomas W. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
I am using my workouts to measure the focus
Giovanni C. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
I woke up with food poisoning yesterday so I didn't it yesterday or today, but on the days I have taken it, my productivity has been good.
Kane B. - 2021-08-18 | Beta Tester
Strong focus for about 5 hrs after 2 days of high productivity. Taking first thing in the morning.