Qualia Focus Reviews

Samuel R. - 2023-05-30 | Beta Tester
Great experience almost as good as qualia mind
Nadine A. - 2023-05-30 | Beta Tester
Helped me focus and was able To skip my coffee for the day. No jitters or crash.
Kimberly S. - 2023-05-30 | Beta Tester
Great experience!
Talaya F. - 2023-05-30 | Beta Tester
Product increased my focus ability. Calm yet very driven.
Darryl R. - 2023-05-30 | Beta Tester
Fantastic results in keeping me focused and alert through some troubling and significantly impactful times and events recently.
Zachary L. - 2023-05-30 | Beta Tester
Focus definitely increases your energy and helps you with task initiation. I've really enjoyed my experience with this product.
Emily B. - 2023-05-29 | Beta Tester
I definitely felt more focused, alert, and like I could pay attention to my very cerebral job.
Levi B. - 2023-05-26 | Beta Tester
I feel like if I were to take it for a longer period of time, I might have experienced more of what was infected with these. For example with ibuprofen, I have to take more then the recommended dose in order for it to take affect.
Jeremy L. - 2023-05-25
I am impressed, so far with my Qualia Focus. I've only been taking it for two days now and from day one. I have felt, very clear in my intentions, for my goals throughout my day. On top of that I have had a drive to complete each goal. If I can feel such wonderful results in such a short time. I know I can say I can't wait to experience the long term effects.
Kyle S. - 2023-05-25 | Beta Tester
A positive experience of heightened mental clarity, focus, and concentration. I am able to focus for longer periods of time than usual, and I experienced sustained, heightened mental clarity throughout the day. My thought processes were sharper, clearer, and more analytical. Taking Qualia helped me develop solutions to research experimental obstacles that I otherwise wouldn't have had the insight to independently solve
Mary A. - 2023-05-25 | Beta Tester
I didn’t notice much difference at first. For me, I have almost noticed a cumulative effect. It seems like the longer I take it the more it helps me. I’ve been under a lot of mental stress lately, and I’ve had a hard time staying focused and motivated at work. It seems to help me to stay on task and keeps me from getting distracted as easily which increases my performance and productivity.
Maja Apolonia R. - 2023-05-24 | Beta Tester
I noticed enhanced flow of thoughts and ideas with my morning creative work and writing. I found it was too much to have with caffeinated coffee so I had decaf on the days I used this product.
William G. - 2023-05-24
I feel focused and alert while on this product. With my high stress job as an engineer, this supplement has not disappointed.
Sara C. - 2023-05-23 | Beta Tester
Overall, I feel really good on this. I have to change tasks a lot throughout the day and I have seen a remarkable difference in my ability to do this with ease.
Ken R. - 2023-05-22 | Beta Tester
Really great product if you are driving or have to concentrate for long hours. Pop a couple with a cup of coffee and you are good to go!
Mariah C. - 2023-05-22 | Beta Tester
Where has this product been the last 10 years question? It's like I got my 20 year old brain back. I'm in the legal field and having my youthful brain back is amazing! I used to have a photographic memory, it felt as though it was coming back. No need to write things down,as I would memorize them. Lists were no problem, tasks were no problem. I actually felt like completing all my tasks. No procrastination. That is beautiful.
Michael C. - 2023-05-21 | Beta Tester
I took two capsules in the AM, sometimes on an empty stomach. Definitely could tell the positive difference on my mental state of health & function especially when I had a good night's sleep. I have confidence in the Neurohacker Qualia brand!
Matt S. - 2023-05-21 | Beta Tester
Product was helpful in keeping on track. It is a lighter version of quailia mind and with the smaller dose was awesome.
Beth C. - 2023-05-20 | Beta Tester
I could tell a huge difference in my thinking. Subjects were easier to grasp and expand upon. My thoughts were much more focused and extremely less scattered.
Jesse A. - 2023-05-20
Great for focusing when life gets crazy!
Jacob M. - 2023-05-20 | Beta Tester
Overall improved outlook- more motivated taking on challenges. I took it mid-late morning and noticed improved afternoon energy/productivity where I typically would have been fading.
Brandi B. - 2023-05-20 | Beta Tester
Increased morning alertness and overall energy to get through cognitively demanding tasks.
Julian G. - 2023-05-20 | Beta Tester
It works really good and gives you no jitters!
William S. - 2023-05-15
Really helpful
Lindsay S. - 2023-05-10
I've been taking Qualia Focus for about 6 months now, and it has really helped me keep energy and focus, especially studying through my Bachelor's program.