Qualia Focus Reviews

Edward P. - 2022-06-29
Qualia focus are really good pills if you wanna be focused through the day and get things done Been having them for a few week now and I’ve felt very focused oriented than usual, I’d recommend them if you haven’t bought them yet you should try them out.
Aquiles L. - 2022-06-23
I use this before every freestyle calisthenics workout. This is better than preworkout.
Matthias A. - 2022-06-20
I tried other nootropics in the past but Qualia Focus is hands down the best. Just works great and keeps me very focused for hours.
Andrea P. - 2022-06-18
I freaking love this product it has helped me 100%
Daniel H. - 2022-06-10
This is the best
Ilker U. - 2022-06-06
Couldn't believe the effect until I used it. Qualia Focus is a key that unlocks the potential that everyone of us possesses.
Charles B. - 2022-05-23
Fall into flow, default back to flow, nutrients for a mindful state, a playground construction set for performance.
Juan B. - 2022-05-22
Amazing addition to Qualia Mind, when I need an extra boost In my day.
Christopher M. - 2022-05-19
I absolutely love this product just like every other one. These products are loaded with nootropics that are of the highest quality and optimal dosage - and furthermore great consideration is given to the synergy that all of these potent natural compounds have in our bodies. You get what you pay for and this company is 2nd to NONE.
Teri N. - 2022-05-06
Focus provides me with a ton of energy and focus to get things done. It definitely lives up to its name, and much more.
Dylan H. - 2022-04-27
love this stuff. seems to be almost a perfect balance of many supplements i was using already.
Rosanna A. - 2022-04-23 | Beta Tester
From the 3rd day of taking Focus with weekend breaks, I definitely noticed more mental clarity! I am able to find solutions at a faster rate than before. A side effect was more energy so that is a big PLUS!!!! Huge fan and will definitely recommend to my co workers! Doctors and nurses should all be taking this :) Thank you so much Team for formulating this product.
Hunter D. - 2022-04-22
Amazing product for the price. Full focus and energy all day. Highly recommend.
allan t. - 2022-04-21 | Beta Tester
Better able to put aside distractions and accomplish tasks. Critical thinking enhanced.
beni b. - 2022-04-21
Very good
daniel g. - 2022-04-21
My Qualia focus sample did what i expected. It's perfect for starting the day off right. I appreciate you guys so much for offering the trial, i will keep that in mind if i feel i need more nootropic
Matthew M. - 2022-04-20 | Beta Tester
While using this product I have noticed an enhancement in focus and a more conscious awareness of my surroundings. During my last week I sort of felt a kind of burning sensation in my stomach after taking these pills. It’s not a bad burning but more of a tingling sensation burning but only in your stomach. I also perceived a sort of time dilation while taking this product before I went to work. Work days would go by faster without me even really noticing it. Playing video games after taking t...Read more.
Kevin B. - 2022-04-20
Been taking it for about a week now and it seems to give me a focus boost. Looking forward to checking long-term effects.
Michael D. - 2022-04-20 | Beta Tester
Increased focus with no side effects
El B. - 2022-04-19
In my last review, I stated that I'd switch from Qualia Focus to Qualia Mind. My automatic renewal kicked in for Focus first - and I'm glad it did! I've gotten used to having the option to zone in and focus, and days without Focus waiting for Mind would've been a bit of a bummer, studying and all.. once again, Qualia Focus does the job. I've since stopped the auto-renewal subscription for Focus, and plan to use Mind from here on out, just based on the reviews. Focus is still five stars in ...Read more.
Beth W. - 2022-04-19 | Beta Tester
Focus significantly improved, clarity returned, felt like I had a 5 year rewind.
Matt V. - 2022-04-18 | Beta Tester
I feel more energetic and focused. I take this first thing in the morning.
Matt C. - 2022-04-18 | Beta Tester
After using this product first thing in the morning, I felt great. My day usually starts in the gym at 5:30am. My focus and energy levels were great. It carried over to my job starting at 7:30 as a high school teacher. I was alert, energized and motivated. Overall, I am extremely happy with the product and plan on utilizing it on a consistent basis.
Tiffany M. - 2022-04-18 | Beta Tester
This was a great product! I am a serial procrastinator and FOCUS completely eliminated this while I was taking it. I would highly recommend for anybody who is having trouble focusing.
Mike L. - 2022-04-18 | Beta Tester
I noticed a significant increase in focus and a aid in mental fatigue