Qualia Immune Reviews

Maria M. - 2020-06-19
I felt great using this product. I had more energy and recovery.
sarah c. - 2020-06-18
Though this supplement is advertised for immune support, the greatest benefit I enjoyed was sound sleep. I also felt I had more energy, but I suspect this may have just been because I was sleeping better.
Rene A. - 2020-06-18
At first I did not feel much difference but by the third week I felt much better and energetic.
Andrew L. - 2020-06-18
I noticed a jump in my mood and energy level during the first two weeks. The second two weeks didn't include any more changes in mood or energy level, but my body tolerated the supplement better than the first week. There was some minor nausea that lasted for about 20 minutes after taking the supplement in the morning with food.
Justin F. - 2020-06-17
I felt that my sleep and my energy levels were more stable.
Manlio L. - 2020-06-17
not sure what's inside but I do feel a steady calm sensation of energy through the day. I feel more focused and productive.
Elizabeth K. - 2020-06-17
On two occasions when I found myself feeling a bit low, a bit under the weather, I found my system craved this product. I took it right away. I realized later those days that I had been feeling poorly in the morning, and instead of feeling weak or dragging I was feeling strong again, and in my power!
Jennifer H. - 2020-06-17
I really felt the difference between the first week to the fourth week. I feel like it did challenge my immune system and I came out the other end healthier for it.
Bob Z. - 2020-06-17
I felt good after taking that the product. Slept well. Made me feel healthy.
Al N. - 2020-06-23
I really don't know what to out here. Being an immune system booster. The only way to really tell would be blood testing before and after to see if any markers improved. With that said, being 73, I probably do feel better after, so I think that there was enough benefit to continue with it. The issue I have now, and with the questions below, is not knowing what the ingredients are. I don't mind paying for quality ingredients that fall within the scope of being beneficial in areas I want to ...Read more.
Stephanie P. - 2020-06-22
Generally good. Felt fine while taking it. I didn’t notice any significant changes as to sleep or energy. Definitely did not become ill, which is the point. I have a temperamental stomach, which this product softened my stools a bit, which was more annoying than problematic.
Samantha H. - 2020-06-18
I didn't have a very noticeable reaction to it. I would probably want to cycle off it (which I'm doing now) and then see if I noticed changes.
Justine F. - 2020-06-18
I saw an initial energy uptake the first 2 weeks. My sleep stayed steady and I didn’t have any stomach reactions to the product. The second two weeks when I played with when to take it, I took 2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon and for some reason I got that afternoon crash. I went back to 4 in the morning and still had the afternoon crash, so I’m not sure if it was the product or me.
Cassandra J. - 2020-06-17
I can’t speak to immune specific effect. It had a definite effect on my sleep. My dream state was heightened, every night, and remains enhanced several days after my last dose.
Eric M. - 2020-06-17
Overall I felt that I had a very good experience with this product. I felt that I was consistently getting quality sleep. I don't know how to tell if it really did anything for my immune system as I am not prone to getting sick and live a very healthy lifestyle already.
Brandon K. - 2020-06-17
Overall, I felt good. I saw some mood swings during week 2-3, but I felt pretty good overall. During the course of the beta, I felt one time where I felt a cough coming on, but it subsided within a few hours. I felt a decent amount of energy, but it would be difficult to day that’s front his. To note, my wife did give birth the last week of the trial that increased stress a bit. I feel that it would be difficult to say that my immune system increased, but that is a hard thing to test. Overall...Read more.
Meghan L. - 2020-06-23
I can't say that I noticed any difference from taking it.. I felt basically the same, which is generally strong and good!
Michael R. - 2020-06-18
If I'm being totally honest I didn't notice any change from my regular routine. Aside from some initial bathroom adjustments all went fine.
Rex L. - 2020-06-18
I think I had more energy and felt better?
Sam V. - 2020-06-17
Didn’t see a significant improvement in immune responsiveness or general well-being. Generally felt more tired throughout the day - mid-day exhaustion was frequent during the trial period.
Randy L. - 2020-06-17
No noticeable impact
Ted E. - 2020-06-17
I have felt good with plenty of energy and stamina. Not knowing what the product is designed to do for sure I can’t credit nor discredit the product. I do not believe I had any side effects.