Qualia Immune Reviews

Michael G. - 2021-01-23
This is a Great Product. I would highly Recommend
James R. - 2021-01-22
The formulation is unique and is quite different from other immune "boosters" on the market. This is actually attractive, as it offers something new. It doesn't contain vitamin C, but as described on the website this isn't necessarily bad as you can always stack with your own vitamin C if needed. I take this in the morning before eating food. The capsules have a distinct smell to them-neither good or bad-and this smell occasionally can be tasted up to an hour or so after taking. I have not no...Read more.
Adam S. - 2021-01-22
I feel like I have more energy
Robin C. - 2021-01-22
I began taking this product approximately 1 week after returning from international travel which had me feeling down. During the course of the week taking this my overall health and energy improved dramatically. The hangover from the trip disappeared within one day and I was feeling my best after 3 days. I ran hard all week and was able to maintain high recovery based on my whoop strap which showed recovery average of 90% for the entire week. I feel the effects of Qualia Mind profoundly and d...Read more.
Brandon C. - 2021-01-22
More energy and slept better. Hard to judge how it interacts with the immune system in just 5 days, but I can imagine this would be evident after extended use. Seems to be a perfect addition to the Qualia line.
Nigel S. - 2021-01-22
The product was beyond what I expected. The first day I had a slight headache but after taking Immune the headache was gone the next day and I feel overall good and would recommend this product to my friends and family.
Timothy C. - 2020-11-14
I love the synergistic combination of all the best ingredients to support health and resilience.
Kajanan K. - 2020-10-25
This product is truly exceptional, with the added benefit of restful sleep!!
beatrice a. - 2020-10-10
i have tried several qualia products and have appreciated each of them. for my needs the immune is the one i am going to stick with for the near future. this is a great company with super customer service.
Maria M. - 2020-06-19
I felt great using this product. My REM sleep has decreased since I stopped using it. I had more energy and recovery.
sarah c. - 2020-06-18
Though this supplement is advertised for immune support, the greatest benefit I enjoyed was sound sleep. After decades of waking up intermittently during the night, I slept 9 hours straight through without waking from the third day of taking it. I also felt I had more energy, but I suspect this may have just been because I was sleeping better.
Rene A. - 2020-06-18
At first I did not feel much difference but by the third week I felt much better and energetic and my sleep seems to have improved.
Andrew L. - 2020-06-18
I noticed a jump in my mood and energy level during the first two weeks. The second two weeks didn't include any more changes in mood or energy level, but my body tolerated the supplement better than the first week. There was some minor nausea that lasted for about 20 minutes after taking the supplement in the morning with food.
Justin F. - 2020-06-17
I felt that my sleep improved, my allergies were lessen significantly, and my energy levels were more stable.
Manlio L. - 2020-06-17
not sure what's inside but I do feel a steady calm sensation of energy through the day. I feel more focused and productive.
Elizabeth K. - 2020-06-17
On two occasions when I found myself feeling a bit low, a bit under the weather, I found my system craved this product. I took it right away. I realized later those days that I had been feeling poorly in the morning, and instead of feeling weak or dragging I was feeling strong again, and in my power!
Jennifer H. - 2020-06-17
I really felt the difference between the first week to the fourth week. I feel like it did challenge my immune system and I came out the other end healthier for it.
Bill S. - 2020-06-09
blah, blah
Mike G. - 2021-11-15
Product is ok. I'm just writing this review as part of some free gift I'm supposed to get.
Sudeen D. - 2021-02-17
I have been less congested with this product
James P. - 2021-02-11
I experienced a general feeling of wellbeing and calm while taking this supplement while I am already in good health.
Jeremiah K. - 2021-02-06
Short, but I think helpful
Mark M. - 2021-02-06
I actually found I had more energy and a more positive mood.
Kyle B. - 2021-02-05
Decent, no negative effects, doesn’t seem like a sufficient amount to be able to properly determine its overall effects. Thank you for the inclusion in the study and the sample.
Simone B. - 2021-02-04
Fairly non-intrusive, did make me a bit nauseous, which usually went away if i ate a little more