Qualia Immune Reviews

Brian S. - 2021-01-30
I had a headache 3 out of the 5 days
Howard E. - 2021-01-30
I’ve been taking Immune for about 3 days with little to no discernible effect.
Lou D. - 2021-01-29
I honestly didn't notice any difference while taking this product.
Marlon V. - 2021-01-29
Didn't feel much of a difference. Maybe if taken for a longer period of time, I would feel the difference.
Shawn C. - 2021-01-29
I did not see an overall boost in my mood or immunity. I've taken several other immunity supplements and experienced similiar results.
Sarah C. - 2021-01-28
There wasn’t enough of the product in the sample for me to notice any difference in my immunity. I didn’t have any adverse reactions and I will most likely order the regular size for a better comparison.
Jay R. - 2021-01-28
IVE been kinda sick so it’s a little hard to say if it helps I’ll say this some I’ve been talking this I’m starting to feel a lot better
Margot M. - 2021-01-27
could not tell i was using it. No discernable feeling in mood or physical wellbeing
Mark H. - 2021-01-27
I think 5 days is too short of a trial. I didn't notice anything while taking the product. I don't feel better or worse.
L. - 2020-06-23
I can't say that I noticed any difference from taking it.. I felt basically the same, which is generally strong and good!
Michael R. - 2020-06-18
If I'm being totally honest I didn't notice any change from my regular routine. Aside from some initial bathroom adjustments all went fine.
Rex L. - 2020-06-18
I think I had more energy and felt better?
Sam V. - 2020-06-17
Didn’t see a significant improvement in immune responsiveness or general well-being. Generally felt more tired throughout the day - mid-day exhaustion was frequent during the trial period.
Randy L. - 2020-06-17
No noticeable impact
Amy S. - 2021-01-31
I felt nothing different in the time taking it. I'm not sure if I would notice anything after only a few days but I only received a few days trial. I had high hopes for only needing one pill to cover all of those vitamin needs but I will go back to those individual supplements as I see a bigger benefit with that.
Mikel H. - 2021-01-30
I don't notice any considerable positive effect
Bill D. - 2021-01-30
I took as the instructions said but it’s really hard to notice anything during 5 days with this type of product.
Chris K. - 2021-01-29
Extremely bitter taste after taking the pills and feeling like I was about to vomit. Also not a fan of the number I have to take each morning and their size - smaller would be easier to swallow, or would be interested in something that could be mixed into coffee/smoothie etc.
Brendon M. - 2021-01-27
I didn't notice much of a difference while using this product.
Derek P. - 2021-01-22
Took it for 5 days straight as instructed. Felt literally nothing.
Pat R. - 2021-08-05
I get an upset stomach so really can’t ‘stomach’ it - can’t even imagine taking 8 a day. However, customer service was excellent and efficient. Thank you.
Scott K. - 2021-01-29
I don't think I experienced any effect from the product.
Slade O. - 2021-01-27
No effect. Not as robust of a formula as i would have expected.
Julia K. - 2021-01-26
I have begun getting minor pains under my ribs since starting to take this supplement. I am extremely active, and in good health (healthy blood pressure, incredible endurance and cardiovascular health). I have Never experienced this prior to using the supplement and today when I have not taken it I feel way better.
Kimberly O. - 2020-06-17
I did not experience any positive mental or physical effects from taking this product. The only side effect that I noticed was an increase in abdominal bloating that subsided after I stopped taking the medication. I honestly wonder if I was sent a placebo medication because other than bloating, the medication did not seem to have any effect at all on me.