Qualia Mind Caffeine Free Reviews

Alexander W. - 2023-09-21
Helps clear my mind and enable focussed thought.
tanner j. - 2023-08-20
Gets me up to speed, and helps me keep up with my more complex works, tastes like flavored dirt when I burp though.
Eva A. - 2023-08-15
Since I’ve been taking Mind I’ve been able to focus more and stay on task.
Martin G. - 2023-08-15
To whom it may concern, qualia mind caffeine free has helped me very much with my work as far as concentration and focus i get thru my with ease and conker very many task. I feel so much better with this supplement and I'm 60 years young and doing well, thank you so much 👍 ❤️
Michael A. - 2023-08-14
Quaila Mind is absolutely effective. It sharpens my focus and mental clarity and gets me on a "let's get it done" mode. In the office my colleagues joke about how Quaila makes me so fast that I finish their sentences and move on quickly to the next topic.
Amir E. - 2023-08-12
I like this product because it has all of the supplements I want in one product without any caffeine. The one thing I'm still not clear on is whether these supplements are doing what I need them to do. It's hard to tell perceptually whether anything is different, but this is a general problem with any supplement.
Francisco s. - 2023-08-11
It’s amazing how qualia mind helps you improve your creative ideas
Blake C. - 2023-07-26
Definitely lived up to the hype!!!
Margaret G. - 2023-07-21
Qualia Mind really does make me more mentally alert.
James H. - 2023-07-06
It is what it is
John P. - 2023-06-30
I recently started using Qualia products and I really like them. They give me the energy I need to have a productive day.
Mahab S. - 2023-06-30
Rudy D. - 2023-04-26
Best Product on the market !
Logan B. - 2023-03-24
During my first day I already felt more in tune with whatever Inwas doing and whatever was happening around me without feeling overwhelmed. I maintained a calm and focused energy all day. And that's WITHOUT getting the best sleep lately or having the healthiest diet. I can only imagine how much more effective it will be once I get my sleep hygiene back on track and my diet up to par which I feel this product can act as a catalyst for helping to get back on track!
D B. - 2023-03-09
Works Great!
A R. - 2023-03-06
Just started taking them today. Smells like they’re going to work.
Anton P. - 2023-02-24
It has helped boost my memory power substantially and has helped me achieve my goals in the gym with the focus
Roseanna B. - 2023-02-17
I actually ordered the Qualia with caffeine but was sent the one without caffeine. I just started my first day with this and it feels pretty great and honestly I rather prefer this one so I can continue to drink my mushroom coffee in the mornings. Happy mistake! Thank you.
Christian L. - 2023-02-06
Amazing product and will continue to buy more! Cheers!
Michael L. - 2023-01-31
I bought this on a special deal, it wasn't something I would have paid for at its regular price. I have tried all the ingredients in this product in other blends and as single ingredients. I wasn't expecting anything significant, but let me tell you it was. The first day, it was as if my mind was silent and completely present on what I was doing. I was clear throughout the day and felt more productive just due to the fact that I wasn't distracted by anything. I was able to fall asleep and sta...Read more.
bryan f. - 2023-01-23
I recommend this product if you want to crush your work! Generally lasts 5 hours for me.
Ethan B. - 2023-01-22
Help me get in the flow
Campbell B. - 2023-01-18
Love this product. I started taking it when I started taking martial arts and it helps me focus and retain information like nothing else.
Brie L. - 2023-01-18
I like Qualia Mind because it gives me the clarity & focus I need to conquer the day!
Mateusz K. - 2023-01-13
So I have been using Qualia Mind for a few months now. I have been using the caffine version. However,  I wanted to have the freedom to add caffeine to my diet whenever I want and however much I want so I went with the caffeine free version. And let me tell you it's just as powerful as the caffinated version. I totally still get the "clear mindset" state of mind which I'm thrilled about.