Qualia Mind Caffeine Free Reviews

Adam L. - 2021-09-29
Kiki from Customer Support was excellent in providing detailed information and guidance on proper usage and admin of Qualia Mind. After a couple of months, I reported little if any notable cognitive benefits, despite most lifestyle factors (sleep, nutrition, no alcohol or drugs) very well dialled-in, and I was promptly issued a refund. The ingredients list is easily among the best I have found in my research and I hope to try once more, during the holidays, when things are more se...Read more.
James R. - 2021-09-27
Great product! Provides me with a level head throughout the day.
Corey W. - 2021-09-27
Qualia Mind is an excellent nootropic supplement that covers all the bases!
Brian F. - 2021-09-25
First time taking Mind. Wishing I had pulled the trigger long ago
Randal G. - 2021-09-22
I started in January and am leaving a second, follow-up review in September just to say that I'm still taking it. The quality of my concentration and the healthy doses of brain nutrition make it worth far more than I'm paying. I haven't found anything comparable.
Jason F. - 2021-09-12
I love Qualia Mind, caffeine free. It’s great that it’s caffeine free, because I’ve been caffeine free for almost a week and it’s really helpful with my energy and focus!
Spencer W. - 2021-09-12
Subtly amazing, my focus is slowly becoming unwavering and unbroken
Austin F. - 2021-08-31
Brain fog is 100% gone.
Nolan H. - 2021-08-23
It helps me perform at an optimal level each day! Thankful my functional medicine doctor recommended Qualia.
OscarP M. - 2021-08-21
Been taking this product for years and convinced several family members and friends to buy in to this too and all are happy
Brian R. - 2021-08-21
I have been using Nootropics for several years and I am using Qualia now, because several of the best thinkers in the world recommended this brand. I believe they have created the most sophisticated nootropic that is currently available. As a very ambitious person who's dramatically changed their behaviors, lifestyle, and trajectory through human optimization, I always want to purchase the best sourced supplements that are available. As expensive as they are, nootropics have consistency help...Read more.
Tom C. - 2021-08-16
I'm a software engineer and with this I would lose my job.
Sam S. - 2021-08-14
Helps me to be more creative with a natural feeling. Would recommend to any and everyone.
tim o. - 2021-08-12
I take 4 a day a few times a week and feel amazing! Improves HRV and just creates for a great day!
Inga K. - 2021-08-08
Into 2 month of taking the supplements, my knee which has been damaged from running and in pain for 2 years started to heal and into my 3rd month of Qualia Mind, I can feel it's at about 90% restored! I'm a designer and a software engineer, I originally ordered Qualia to optimize my brain, I can't quite feel the difference from the 2 months yet, however it's doing wonders to repair my body, even my skin feels softer.
Justin P. - 2021-08-08
Paired with good sleep, it’s the right amount of energy for me. Doesn’t give you a “crash” feel either!
Richard W. - 2021-08-03
Incredible results after a few days. Tons of focus and energy. Was doubtful it would be worth the price. Absolutely worth every penny.
Duncan R. - 2021-08-02
This product puts me into continual flow all day. So enjoyable!
Joshua P. - 2021-08-01
I cycle between a few different cognitive enhancement stacks and this is one that I have used off and on for a couple years. Providing smooth and steady support, I can modify my caffeine as needed. Great product!
Anthony F. - 2021-07-30
Great tool for winning the proverbial mind vs matter battle
mary c. - 2021-07-30
I can't wait to take this stuff in the morning and am slightly resentful (Jk!) when i can't use it every day! I do follow the directions. Go for it!
Debbie G. - 2021-07-22
I love they have created a product that is caffeine free! Now I do not need to choose between coffee and Qualia. I can have both !
Indy G. - 2021-07-22
Its been years since I had to study for hours on end, consecutively. I just graduated from residency and have my boards coming up so that I can receive my full medical license and find myself at the age of 31, having to dig deep and find the will to put in the types of hours I used to in medical school. On a whim, I found myself one day diving into the world of nootropics and once search after the next led me to Qualia. Gave it a shot and boy am I thrilled. It gets me in my Flo state with ver...Read more.
Dave a. - 2021-07-22
For me, Qualia Mind helps eliminate brain fog, and lifts my ability to quickly form thoughts and language in creative communications. It’s not that I can’t live without it; it’s that it gives me the edge I need for mentally-challenging work.
Isaac C. - 2021-07-15
I have been a longtime customer, preferring qualia caffeine free so I can take with keto / bulletproof coffee. (great combo) definitely helps me to be just a little sharper without the burn out of simulants.