Qualia Mind Caffeine Free Reviews

Ashley E. - 2022-11-08
I really do feel sharper taking this:)
Saravana K. - 2022-11-04
Brain fog lift, mind clarity, clear focus, motivation and more self control
Brandon B. - 2022-10-29
Great for advancing the mind
Michael B. - 2022-10-23
For me this product helped me in two ways. In the morning I drink a full glass of water and take three capsules. The mild laxative effect and the full cognitive attention effect jumpstarts my day of productivity! I have not worked my way up to the recommended seven capsules. Three work for me!
Joseph M. - 2022-10-18
My first time trying this I skipped coffee for the day and didn't start yawning until halfway through the shift. This was also on a lack of sleep. For those days requiring a bit extra of ourselves, this is a wonderful product if you don't want too much caffeine jitters.
Sharon N. - 2022-10-14
I gave Qualia Mind Caffeine Free to a family member and it seems to help with their focus. Their mood has improved.
Julio S. - 2022-10-13
After taking this for a month, I definitely have noticed a difference in my focus and creativity when I'm at work. No crashes, no frills. Worth the investment.
Benjamin P. - 2022-10-05
I'm taking a number of Qualia products and they make a huge difference in helping me to hold up to the demands of my work. I take Qualia Mind on the Days that involve a lot of writing and where I'm having to deal with a lot of technical issues. Qualia Mind helps me to stay clear and focused during the classes and workshops I'm teaching that can run up to five hours. It definitely improves my performance. The combination of Qualia Night and Qualia Life improve my overall resilience when I have...Read more.
Garett S. - 2022-09-24
Exactly what I needed for my day.
jacob s. - 2022-09-22
Wow! Just wow!!!
Khanlar G. - 2022-09-19
great product, best service!!!
Elizabeth M. - 2022-09-12
I like I can control how much I take. So far so good.
Tyler G. - 2022-09-10
I used to be on ADD meds and decided I didn’t want have to rely on medication. I have recently tried this supp and at the full dosage I have much improved focus and drive without anxious feelings.
Kylan W. - 2022-09-04
Mind caffeine free keeps me dialed in without the jumps and jitters of caffeine. Love it!
Mike S. - 2022-09-02
Was impressed by the ingredient list, as it’s far more extensive than any multi-vitamin. This replaces my prior multivitamin/mineral daily line-up. The 5-day on/two-day off regimen is also great protocol. And.. so far, so good!
Monique N. - 2022-08-24
I'm only on the second bottle and I notice a big difference. My outlook is improving as my mind is becoming more clear regarding daily tasks and long range goals.
Joseph F. - 2022-08-07
One of the best
David A. - 2022-08-03
This is by far the best caffeine-free mind supplement I have tried. It works from day one and plenty of capsules to last you a month.
Lucy F. - 2022-07-28
I’ve just started using Qualia Mind (caffeine free) and I notice a perceptible difference in my memory and retention. I will most certainly be using this product going forward!
DARCY R. - 2022-07-14
Admittedly I have only used this one time, it’s day one but after about 30 minutes things slowed down and came into extreme focus and color. Reminded me of the Toby McGuire Spider-Man one the first day of his super powers when he got in the fight with the bully at school and everything slowed down and came into focus for him. I hope it works all day everyday like this!
Edward D. - 2022-07-13
As soon as I started taking this product I felt the benefits straight away, I found it easier to keep track of conversations, my mood felt better and I felt overall generally smarter and mentally acute.
Aron M. - 2022-07-12
I have tried a number of both individual and compounded nootropics and this one is definitely the most effective one I have tried regarding improving thinking speed and how sharp I feel.
Joseph W. - 2022-07-07
I'm new to nootropics and feel a big difference in my mental clarity and mood using Qualia Mind Caffeine Free. I've let some friends try it and they all ordered a bottle of their own. That should be all you need to know to give it a try! The only "bad" thing is that it isn't recommended that you have to take 2 days a week off haha. There are a lot of pills to swallow, which I don't mind. I have them in the morning without food and don't get an upset stomach, but I heard some people do.
Marta S. - 2022-06-23
I love having a caffeine-free option for Mind. I think it helps with focus, or at least it makes me think it does. :)
Henry W. - 2022-06-13
Best nootropic product I've ever used!