Qualia Mind Essentials Reviews

Isidro A. - 2022-04-20
QUALIA Mind Has changed my perspective of things lately I feel more open minded.
Matthew B. - 2022-04-09
This product has been very useful for me during my work. It allows me to stay alert even in those periods where I might rather choose a nap than to focus. I recommend for all those hard workers who need a boost.
DANA I. - 2022-04-09
I noticed clearer and crisper thinking after one week of taking the full dose daily in the AM on an empty stomach. I initially got it in preparation for a job interview, started taking it 5 days before the interview, killed it, have a follow up interview with the CEO next week. I will continue taking QUALIA Essentials going forwards, 5 days per week, 2 days off. I'm more productive and content at my current job and not sure I want to leave anymore, still going on next week's interview thoug...Read more.
Marian B. - 2022-03-26
I started out slow by taking 1 on an empty stomach early in the morning. I started to feel it work within about 20 minutes. It’s a wonderful clear mind feeling and thinking. I now take 4 and it’s fabulous I get so much done with a peaceful feeling. Thank you
Ari B. - 2022-03-08
I haven't tried it yet, I'm just being prompted to write a review. But my friends love it! That's why I ordered it. I'm excited
George M. - 2022-02-22
When taking a lot of nootropics, sometimes you don’t know what’s doing what until you stop… to my surprise the only nootropic in my long regimen that makes a real difference is Qualia mind!
Kerry M. - 2022-02-21
I just received this product and I'm excited to try it! I love the 100 day guarantee!
Mathias B. - 2022-02-02
Qualia Essentials helps keep me focused and on task. Thank you Neurohacker!!!
Grecia l. - 2022-02-02
it is the real deal, if you are in sales or learning new skills you always want to start within, sharpen the saw and the wood cutting will be easy as cutting butter, this pills aren't the limitless pills, these pills are what is needed to unlock your limitless potential hidden within, Qualia is outstanding and I will continue to come back to this company whenever I need to keep my brain in optimal condition.
Michelle H. - 2022-01-10
Quail Mind Essentials provides clarity, focus, and drive to complete your most important tasks without the negative side effects
shiraz w. - 2021-12-06
Quality is indeed one of the best Investments
Ryan G. - 2021-11-30
I ordered and it came within a couple days. I do not know how well it works yet, but I will check back in and update this when I have something to review.
Nathan W. - 2021-11-08
I've been taking Qualia Mind for about a month now and I've noticed that I feel sharper and more focused overall at work and in my personal study. I really look forward to using this product more in the future and seeing the continued benefits!
Jeff G. - 2021-11-08
Clears my kind, allows me to focus
Sirish P. - 2021-11-04
I am very skeptical of most nootropic products, but after hearing Daniel Schmachtenberger speak with such deep knowledge on multiple podcasts, I decided it was worth giving Qualia a try. I am so happy I did! I don't need to take it every day, and I usually take an amount lower than the suggested serving size, but I definately feel a significant congitive boost from this. Highly recommended!!
Corey Y. - 2021-10-26
Expensive, but you get what you pay for. I definitely feel an improvement in my sleep and general well-being while taking these.
Susan C. - 2021-10-20
Incredible clarity and mental focus ALL DAY long!!
YUDI X. - 2021-10-11
similar feeling after a good meditation
Arthur H. - 2021-10-07
it works
Ben W. - 2021-10-05
I feel great all day and all night.
Ricky H. - 2021-09-21
The perfect start to a productive day.
Michael F. - 2021-09-17
I love it
Jennifer J. - 2021-09-10
Especially when I wait 30 mins to eat and get at least 9 hours of sleep, I have so much energy in the mornings Not like caffeine jitters but just pure energy of like let’s go run up a mountain!
Aditya V. - 2021-08-31
Totally worth it!
Austin F. - 2021-08-31
This stuff works. My brain fog is 100% gone.