Qualia Mind Essentials Reviews

Tony B. - 2021-07-20
This keeps me clear and focused!
Chris L. - 2021-07-18
I’ve been an Amazon reverse engineering nootropic stacking biohacker for almost a decade. Trust me, don’t waste time or money trying to make the best. The panel of scientists here have already done that. Also reverse engineering ingredient list will also only lead to frustration. Do yourself a favor and subscribe. High performance awaits.
Hanlin L. - 2021-06-30
I super recommend NeuroHacker Qualia Mind Essentials. It worked for me!!
Jonathan U. - 2021-06-07
My whole adult life has been a constant struggle to stay productive and focused. I used to have "good days and bad days," seemingly without any control over whether each day would be a productive one or not. Enter the Qualia Mind family of products. Taking these things essentially guarantees that my day is going to be more focused, serene, and productive. I feel like I have more mental energy to stick with difficult tasks, I find it easier to remember what I need to say on work calls, and ...Read more.
Luba H. - 2021-05-25
It didn't appeared to make a change in my sleep right away but after a few weeks I noticed that I fall asleep easier and wake up in the morning before alarm feeling ready to start my workday.
Elijah S. - 2021-05-10
The sole reason I gave Qualia- Mind Essentials a chance was because Daniel Schmachtenberger was involved. I've never consumed any dietary supplements other that creatine back when I worked out. It should be noted that at the same time as starting Qualia mind I also improved my diet. However, I simply don't procrastinate anymore. I also seem to have greater endurance and focus even on extremely long days. It's pretty mind blowing really. I've been taking Qualia for nearly three weeks as direct...Read more.
Allyson D. - 2021-05-08
I am very pleased with the results I'm getting with Qualia Mind. I have energy, focus, and feel better overall. Keep it coming, please! Thank you!
Christina S. - 2021-04-16
By far the best nootropic I’ve ever tried. Instant lazer focus and energy. Bravo!
Samuel S. - 2021-03-20
Took a couple weeks to get the dosage right, but once I got it right, its effects are undeniably positive. Provides a clean boost of energy and focus throughout my day without any negative side effects.
Ivanisse T. - 2021-03-17
I have noticed significant changes when testing this product. My energy and performance during the day is something I have never experienced. I recommend it 100%
Ivanisse T. - 2021-03-17
I have noticed significant changes when trying this product. My energy and performance during the day is something I have never experienced. I recommend it 100%
ARNY P. - 2021-03-03
Ever since I started taking Qualia my focus feels just a bit more razor like. It's my new obsession.
Daniel W. - 2021-02-28
Not the typical sleep aid you would normally take a half hour before bed time. This non drowsy formula is formulated to be taken at dinner time to maintain brain health while you sleep when you finally go to bed. Not going to lie...it is pricey...but there is real science behind this supplement. I can definitely feel the difference!
Brandi S. - 2021-02-19
I’ve been taking Qualia Mind Essentials for a bit now - I have issues staying focused, and my memory just isn’t there anymore due to a chronic pain condition causing the cognitive effects. You stop by the pharmacy and look for things that have the effect Qualia Mind Essentials have, but none of them ever live up to their promises. THIS PRODUCT IS DIFFERENT. Even my productivity has increased tenfold. I’m proud to say I take this, and have no side effects at all even with the caffeine. If you’...Read more.
Matt M. - 2021-02-16
I was feeling that I had lost a step mentally after many years of abuse as a wildland firefighter and the poor diet that may accompany it. Already feeling sharper after a couple weeks, and not procrastinating my admin duties. Also have been able to cut back on coffee consumption with little effort, but maybe some afternoon headaches. Seems to be giving me an edge that I'd like to maintain.
Steven C. - 2021-02-11
Lynne H. - 2021-02-07
I can't say enough good things about this product. I am wrapping up week 2 - dramatically improved mental clarity and focus!
Michael K. - 2021-02-06
Focus up
Michael K. - 2021-02-06
I really appreciated this product and felt a new sense of clarity and focus!!