Qualia Mind Essentials Reviews

Gary C. - 2020-10-07
This product was excellent. I was more productive and focused during the workday.
Lowell H. - 2020-10-06
I didn't notice a difference taking mind essentials vs mind
Molly B. - 2020-10-06
The week I took this product just happened to be the week I was moving into a new place. It was a pretty stressful week with moving while working from home and not being able to take time off so I was on calls and delivering analysis while directing the movers. I felt like I was able to move back and forth between the two activities and keep up with both though. The home I was supposed to move into turned it to be trashed by the previous tenant so before moving I had to make lots of decisi...Read more.
Zachary C. - 2020-10-03
Day one of taking the product I didn't see a change in myself but the people around me including my family did note that I was more irritable and quick to anger. The same could be said with day two. Day three saw a change in my irritability or energy level. Day three I did see an increase in my energy level and I did hear that my irrtability and anger did subside. Day four and five were awesome. I did see a dramatic increase in focus and energy and I didn't require any pick me up in the later...Read more.
Michelle R. - 2020-09-30
I took this product upon waking up and didn’t eat or drink anything but water for 30 minutes. Around 30 minutes after I took it I could feel it working. Nothing drastic, but just a sense of motivation to get going. I typically workout first thing in the morning then jet to work. This helped me get going without even thinking about it!
Renee C. - 2020-09-28
I have felt like I've been able to recall names of things better the last few days. I would be curious to try it for a longer period than just the 5 days to see if it was real or just a placebo effect. I like that it's only 5 pills a day compared with some of the other vitamins offered that are 7 per day.
Jeff R. - 2020-08-07
I took it for two weeks and didn't notice a change in my level of focus.
LUTHER H. - 2020-05-26
It has not done a thing, that I can detect to change my energy, focus, or any other factors that the product claims.
Bobby S. - 2020-05-11
Much caffeine in it. Only made me feel jittery. Did not notice any other benefits. Had to stop taking after 5 days. Could not even take the full dose
Dean R. - 2020-04-28
I've only been on both Focus and Eternus for a week but can tell no difference from before. The Saturday and Sunday I took off left me with a mild headache all day. Back on both today but, again, no diff. Headache is gone, though.
Destiney R. - 2020-04-21
I had high hopes for this- I saw good reviews. After trying it as recommended, I never seen an improvement in my focus.
Chang H. - 2020-02-20
I wasn't sure about the product before I am sure after taking it. It doesn't work for me.
Eiru3hh D. - 2020-01-14
Muggie D. - 2019-11-09
Unfortunately i didnt notice a change in my focus at work. I have taken 5 tablets daily every morning. I wonder if i should be taking it without food?
Patsy M. - 2019-08-26
I didn’t realize it when I ordered the product that it has Caffeine in it so I’ve hardly been able to take it. You should warn people about it. Maybe you do and I just missed it. I’m very disappointed.
Shane M. - 2019-07-21
I have tried quite a few different nootropics and all of them have done absolutely nothing for me, I finally decided to try your very expensive product because you get what you pay for but after using your product for the past 2 months I came to the conclusion that nootropics including your brand are nothing but placebos, absolutely nothing has improved for my, not my focus, attention span, consideration... Just disappointments