Qualia Mind Reviews

Harry C. - 2023-03-16
I needed this to get out of bed and it does the job. Very satisfied with the product
Gabrielle F. - 2023-03-12
Better focus and cognitive skill. The most impressive though is that my dreams are more real and detailed. Pretty trippy stuff but in a good way
Drake F. - 2023-03-11
Haven't even taken the recommended 7 pill dose yet, been rocking 3 or 4 caps and feeling super clear and organized in my work flow.
Eli C. - 2023-03-10
30% more Clarity, 40% more focus, 20-50% more processing power in my brain at least 50% more done per hour when I am on it. I can't recomended it enough!!! 5 Star product for SURE. 1-4 hours after taking it try sipping a little tea or coffee to get the brain opened up even MORE, or even better take some Omegas (fish oil supplements, piece of salmon etc) and the effects are EVEN GREATER. Seriously this product is a blessing in my life, to increase productivity and focus.
Nicholas B. - 2023-03-10
Qualia has improved my mental sharpness and focus. I am learning more easily than ever before
Mark G. - 2023-03-09
Amazing in every way has exactly what I need to be the better version of me . Love it! Absolutely love it!!
Hannah C. - 2023-03-07
After reading the reviews for this product I knew I had to give them a try. I am working on my doctorate and focus and memory could be greatly improved
Tommy H. - 2023-03-07
Very good very good yummy good good
Jerod D. - 2023-03-05
This product has made me fully aware that I have some mental issues that need to be worked on. Nothing bad to say about this stuff I love it, it has helped me get back in tune with my productive self and those little voices that talk me into procrastinating are gone. im finally waking up at 4 am again. my decisions making skill are instant and usually make the right choice.
Curtis C. - 2023-03-02
Best thing ever
Konstanze W. - 2023-03-01
My mood and focus feels amazing on these!
T H. - 2023-02-28
Very nice
Hollis L. - 2023-02-27
I can feel a difference taking these vitamins. My mind is clearer and more able to utilize energy. I spent a long time looking through each ingredient and the purpose for it, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and results.
Lance R. - 2023-02-26
Love the product use it everyday!
Tiffany L. - 2023-02-25
Awesome product! Everyone should try it!
Devin W. - 2023-02-24
This product is exactly what it clams to be and more
Hayley W. - 2023-02-24
Outstanding compared to my baseline- looking forward to seeing how much good it can do over time.
Christian L. - 2023-02-23
Amazing product!!! Will continue to use long term ๐Ÿ˜Š
Sneha A. - 2023-02-22
I am completely hooked on it. I look forward to starting my day with Qualia Mind before I log in to my work. It helps me stay focused throughout the day and my memory has improved since i started taking it.
Shawna L. - 2023-02-20
I can really tell the difference when I take this. I feel focused and energized and more alert without feeling jittery.
Trey M. - 2023-02-18
My mind is clear, my gears are turning and my motivation to get things done couldnโ€™t be better
Aaron T. - 2023-02-18
Very happy with this product. I feel more centered, energized and can process information on a deeper level. It also elevates my mood which other products did not.
Aaron B. - 2023-02-17
I have been taking this for a few weeks, now and my focus at work has improved significantly!
Marissa S. - 2023-02-16
I was skeptical but I wanted to try something new for Focus and Drive The first day I was not a fan of the 7 a day but I take about 14 vitamins already so whats a few more. I felt such a difference, I worked through my day attentively, was focused and did not have that mid-day fall. I will continue to utilize this product and I hope it continues to produce amazing results
Steven I. - 2023-02-15
After taking this supplement daily for around 5 months, I have seen and felt a noticeable difference in my stamina when doing intense mental or physical work. I am able to prioritize my goals without any brain fog or hesitation. Also, I can tell that only after about 3-5 mins from taking my morning capsules that I feel the instantaneous focus, mental alertness and dexterity settle in. Currently I am only taking 3 capsules a day and continue to drink my morning coffee. Currently experiencing g...Read more.