Qualia Mind Reviews

Trisha T. - 2021-11-22
Focus is certainly improved
Roman T. - 2021-11-19
It does work, but I don’t understand the subscription model
Nicholas T. - 2021-10-31
Since I’ve been taking Qualia Mind - which I deduce is basically a stimulant - I’ve noticed that I’m more sluggish on the two days I don’t take it each week. Dunno.
Kylan W. - 2021-10-24
Qualia Mind works incredibly well. It's head and shoulders above the rest. Smooth, steady flow that keeps me dialed in to each and every task with a gentle but noticeable boost in mood and well-being. Best part = Zero crash! If you're looking for your edge, here it is ;)
Ashleigh A. - 2021-10-13
I only took Qualia for one day. While it worked really well, I realized after reading the bottle that I cannot take it with my SSRI. I would have appreciated that information right off the bat before purchasing Qualia. I'm giving it four stars because I think it's a good product but you need to make it perfectly clear that it cannot be taken with an SSRI before purchasing. I am keeping the bottle so my husband can take it if he wants. Thanks
John R. - 2021-10-07
I've noticed an improvement in my cognitive performance but I don't know if that's because of Qualia to be honest. I'm a Nursing student and I'm constantly studying although it was harder for me to comprehend last semester. This semester seems easier but maybe that's because of Neuroplasticity. I'd like to say that Qualia is helping but I can't confirm for sure. But I'm also gonna keep on taking it for the duration of the semester just in case Qualia Mind is helping LoL. I put four stars beca...Read more.
Ben S. - 2021-09-28
First dose was great. More to follow
David L. - 2021-09-26
The quality and the component mixture seems to be very good. However, there is caffeine in the product which makes me wonder if the positive acute effect is really coming from the caffeine.
Thomas K. - 2021-09-13
Been taking almost a month. 5 on and 2 off. Gives me a good clean productive energy that lasts a long time. Loses potency on Thursday and esp Friday tho.
Ryan T. - 2021-09-10
Enjoying the clarity and word recall. The calm and no jittery feeling, I’m taking 6-7 capsules first thing in the morning 4-5 days a week. Wondering if I need to take it up to 8?
Courtney M. - 2021-09-07
Sometimes Qualia Mind gives me amazing, sustained energy throughout the day, but other times it seems to taper off after a few hours. Perhaps it's something to do with my sleep or diet. Overall though, I love how Qualia makes me feel - calm yet focused, and excited to take on the day. I usually only need 4-5 pills instead of the full 7.
Gerald A. - 2021-09-03
Great product. Helps me remain alert and focused throughout the day.
Darrel and Therese Z. - 2021-07-29
I have been taking Qualia mind for 1 month now. I take 1 hour before officially getting up in the morning. I do feel great. No mind fog and clear thinking. I have been “hacking” my own supplements for a number of years now and feel terrific. That said my routine of exercise, eating well, being in nature and taking my own supplements (lions mane, tremella, cordyceps, tumeric, ginger, cinnamon and a host of others) already make me feel good. The addition of Qualia mind has added to my general ...Read more.
Josh L. - 2021-07-29
So far so good, have experienced everything the Mind product advertised. Been very happy with the focus, energy, and loss of complacency in my day-to-day activities. Little pricey though :(
Drew G. - 2021-07-26
I've tried Qualia Mind for over a month now and have noticed sharpened mental acuity and a clarity of thought when making decisions that sometimes would previously take alot of time or completely stump me...also of note, I'm winning at board games far more often and the Dad jokes are flowing like never before (apologies to the captive audience in the house).
Sahara T. - 2021-07-25
These are game-changers for me. Ever since I start taking them, I noticed that I get to focus more and longer especially in the mornings. It reduces that brain fog I typically feel whenever starting my day. I find it more effective to go along with a good diet and exercise.
Anthony D. - 2021-07-24
Qualia Life helps me significantly to pursue my day. Qualia Mind is an adjunct which i appreciate as well.
Dennis O. - 2021-07-23
Its a good deal for what you get in the bottle
Dan M. - 2021-07-23
So far so good!
Jeannine H. - 2021-07-21
This is only my first month, but I do feel more focused and clear in my thoughts.
Ale W. - 2021-07-12
James S. - 2021-07-12
Really helps through overwhelming work
Jordan G. - 2021-07-11
Overall I can feel a little bit of a difference in my focus. I can only take 3 - 4 pills at a time without feeling sick tho and I feel like it dehydrates you a little. But I’m still using it so that’s a good sign. May buy another bottle at some point. Idk it’s so expensive.
Cynthia R. - 2021-07-10
I appreciate the subtle tweak on my focus. I’ve tried many notropic combinations and nothing seemed to help. I’m addressing some gut issues, as well, which can impede my concentration, however, I’ve noticed a difference since adding Qualia to my mix of supplements. The only suggestions I have are 1) Am I the only one that has a fishy after taste when I take Qualia in the morning? And, 2) I would rather take 1-2 pills than have to take up to 7 per day.
Randy H. - 2021-07-07
Excellent product, but the taste and smell of the capsules are almost enough to make you gag. I take a lot of supplements and these are the 1st to have such an off-putting smell.