Qualia Night Reviews

Patricia K. - 2023-03-04
HRV went up 20points in the fittest month. More deep sleep.
Hollis L. - 2023-02-27
I can feel a difference taking these vitamins. I have struggled with insomnia for a long time. These vitamins have helped boost my sleep score from the mid 70s to the mid 80s over the past 3 months. I spent a long time looking through each ingredient and the purpose for it, I am thoroughly impressed with the quality and results.
Daniel S. - 2023-02-21
Qualia Night has solved my problem with poor sleep. I have an irregular sleep schedule for work reasons, which means I'm always tired. But now I wake up feeling fully refreshed and alert, and much more motivated to tackle whatever the day brings. I would not hesitate to recommend this product to anyone who wants to remember what a good nights sleep feels like!
Jan S. - 2023-02-19
My sleep Oura sleep score improved after only a couple of days of using the product. My scores are now 90 and above.
Justin S. - 2023-02-01
After a few weeks, I am definitely sleeping better, no question, and my deep sleep scores on my Oura Ring are consistently better.
Lynn S. - 2023-01-28
A few months ago, I figured why not give it a try. Now 4 orders later, I am still taking the pills. I don't know if it's a placebo effect, or if they really are good, but it helps me fall asleep and to me that is a win!
Joshua A. - 2023-01-26
Amazing sleep
Nick S. - 2023-01-19
Had a whole night's sleep without waking up in the middle of the night.
Tara B. - 2023-01-18
Qualia Night has been a complimentary formula that doesn't give me a sleep hangover but feels like it is gently rocking my system into a place of much needed rest and regeneration....
Keith W. - 2023-01-04
Nearly every ‘sleep’ product contains melatonin and I get a melatonin hangover when I wake up. That’s why I love Qualia. No hangover, wide awake and refreshed.
Jackie A. - 2022-12-08
I get the best full nights sleep when I take this product. Also helps my insomniac son get some shut eye!
Lori W. - 2022-12-06
Ordering was quick and simple. I received my order in just a few days. Thanks!
Charmaine K. - 2022-12-06
Qualia Mind does not make you tired and, instead, relaxes and calms the mind. I have been getting a better sleep score since taking this supplement.
Marc p. - 2022-12-06
Materially measured difference in sleep with oura ring!
Elijah F. - 2022-12-01
I love this product so much!! I sleep like a baby and feel energetic in the mornings because I have had quality reset. The Qualia Mind supplements work even more efficiently when I get well rest.
Brooke P. - 2022-11-11
I have tried everything from melatonin to prescription sleep medicine. The neurohacker quality sleep has been a game changer. I think because it calms me down it does help me go to sleep even though it's not meant for exactly that. I'm a chronic insomniac, because I'm always planning or worrying or doing all the things you're not supposed to do when trying to get a quality night sleep. This in the week I've been talking it has already given me deeper REM cycles which is the key to everything!...Read more.
ted R. - 2022-10-15
Suraj P. - 2022-10-06
My sleep is fire now - my oura score over the last week went from low 70s/ high 60s to high 70s and even sometimes low 80s. Plus my deep sleep score got way better
laurie r. - 2022-09-25
Jayce F. - 2022-09-14
Literally the first night I took "Qualia Night" I noticed the difference. They say it can take longer so if you don't notice it right away, don't worry, because you will!
Ben F. - 2022-09-13
Have been using the product for multiple months. I have noticed a significant improvement in sleep quality and rest. These improvements have been quantified using sleep tracker analysis. The product does not cause drowsiness and I notice a difference in sleep when not using the product.
Lyndel P. - 2022-08-24
Just what I needed to feel relaxed and get solid hours of sleep
Mikhail P. - 2022-08-15
I enjoy how I wake up feeling refreshed, it helps the mornings vitamins work better and eases morning stomach discomfort
Andrew P. - 2022-08-11
The only sleep supplement you'll ever need!
Ruth T. - 2022-08-07
I only took 1 supplement. I slept 10 hours and felt like I could sleep another 2! I haven’t been able to sleep more than 7 hours for some time now. My dreams were amazing!!! So grateful to have found out about this product.