Qualia Night Reviews

Leigh O. - 2024-02-11
I have only been using this a handful of nights, but I am noticing that a few hours after taking it (I time it to hit at my desired bedtime), I start to get really tired, so even if I WANT to stay up and toil away at tasks, my body and brain don't give me the option. I have noticed somewhat of a deeper level of sleep during the night and am going to track my progress over this month to see how I do. So far, I'm really impressed.
Marlene S. - 2024-01-27
I’ve been dealing with insomnia and waking up in middle of the night for two years. I still do but Night gets me back to sleep again easily. I take sups at night and drinking water which is the problem situation I must work on, and getting in bed earlier, breaking this bad habit. Night helps me get back into sleep with no drowsy morning hangover.
TOBIAS V. - 2024-01-26
Eases my routine and no more groggy morning. I no longer feel like peeling myself out of bed each day...
Edmarc Brian E. - 2024-01-23
I feel like its working…
Christian S. - 2024-01-18
I First took qualia focus to help me with work but pairing it with qualia night was the best choose ever. I’ve always struggled staying asleep throughout the night. Since taking Qualia night I feel more rested in the morning which helps with brain fog, fatigue, and tiredness. Great product.
Amy H. - 2024-01-02
I have not used it yet but anxious to see the results and will update when I do. Very thankful for the quality of the products.
Donna T. - 2023-12-06
Wake up refreshed and sleep well.
Christine W. - 2023-12-03
Better sleep than I’ve experienced in years.
Tammy K. - 2023-11-26
I finally stay asleep throughout the night and I wake up before my alarm goes off feeling completely awake. I'm so grateful to have found this product!
Michael K. - 2023-11-20
David A. - 2023-11-05
I added Qualia Night to my sleep routine supplementation and noticed that it contributed to a more relaxed state leading up to bedtime. It’s important to make sure you take it a few hours before to maximize the effects.
Veronica M. - 2023-10-26
Only have taken for 2 days and First night of use gave me 2 hrs of deep sleep & second night 1:46. Wonderful
Russell H. - 2023-10-05
Have been taking Qualia on and off for a year and have found the sleep I get when taking is so much better. Highly recommend.
Andrew J. - 2023-10-01
Slept like a baby, fully rested, ready to start my day!
Dawn B. - 2023-09-13
My fit bit stats are showing improved deep and REM since using this product.
JAMES M. - 2023-09-10
Just received the product. Really looking forward to seeing what it can do.
Cliff W. - 2023-09-06
Saw an instagram ad and happy i did. It had helped my sleep. Sleeping through the night now
Angela G. - 2023-08-18
I have always been able to fall sleep pretty fast, my main issue has been staying sleep all through the night. Using Qualia Night has helped me stay sleep through the night, and if I wake up for any reason, I am able to go right back to sleep. I am grateful for this product.
Nic V. - 2023-08-03
I have had trouble sleeping for years now. I had done everything, no caffeine after 2 pm, plenty of exercise, eat dinner 2 hours before bed, no blue light, etc. etc. No matter what I would lay in bed for hours and finally fall asleep only to have to wake up a zombie and do it all over again the next day. Qualia Night has been an absolute game changer. I am able to fall asleep within 20-30 minutes of my head hitting the pillow and I wake up the next day rested and with no drowsiness, as I some...Read more.
Jonathan L. - 2023-06-28
Nick S. - 2023-06-11
Qualia Night gives me the confidence that I can go to sleep and wake up refreshed, ready to take on the day!
Harve P. - 2023-05-28
I consume a considerable amount of caffeine on my job due to high stress and safety precautions. I have for years not slept well and have grown accustomed to waking up several times during the night. I tried Night and I could tell within a few nights that it seemed to work. Within 2 weeks time I sleep more soundly and longer than I have in 20 years.
Andrea L. - 2023-05-21
I sleep like a baby and getting up in the morning feels much easier for me, I feel ready and strong ! I can’t wait to try the Qualia vision ! Thank you so much !
Brandon M. - 2023-05-17
Great Sleep and woke up refreshed.
Miriam H. - 2023-05-06
I just got the product. The ordering was easy and the shipping was fast. I’ll be taking it tonight.