Qualia Night Reviews

Nicolette H. - 2022-05-24
This product has helped me to have more energy all day long. Thank you!
Jerry D. - 2022-05-18
If taken about 2-3 hours prior to sleeping, I have a noticeably deeper sleep. I think it's effects are better when you have a full 7 hrs+ of rest.
Tim S. - 2022-05-15
Product has been what it has claimed for me. I could tell a difference after two weeks on the product.
Vikram T. - 2022-04-18
felt great after a few days of taking it and woke up well rested , also had profound dreams! Would buy again!
Ryan E. - 2022-04-01
I've been throwing together at-home Nootropic concoctions for years now (lions mane, psilocybin, caffeine, l theanine, etc) and these folks have got me completely beat!
Stephen M. - 2022-03-20
Too busy accomplishing everything I want to do to write a lengthy review, but this supplement has changed how I approach being busy and improved how I use my time. Highly recommended to anyone with a lot of things to do everyday who can afford it.
John B. - 2022-03-12
Qualia Night seems to help my dreaming. I noticed it helped dreaming when I took it. I am currently taking a week break from it and I am having less dreams.
Stephen C. - 2022-02-25
The ordering process and receipt of product could not be better. I am now 2 weeks into using this product and do believe I am seeing a benefit. I look forward to continuing this and am optimistic enough to have ordered a 2nd month's supply.
Michele C. - 2022-02-20
Amazing quality sleep the first night
Rhonda Z. - 2022-02-20
Love Qualia Night. I can't live without it. Very happy customer.
Mike T. - 2022-02-11
Qualia Night has changed my sleep! I have been sleeping undisturbed nhc-owr3k3e-c for several nights now and I wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. There has been no lingering effects after I wake up which happens with other products and medications. This has been a game changer for me.
jani b. - 2022-01-27
The NIGHT really does work for me. I did find that if I take it right before I go to sleep I will sleep a bit longer. Usually, sleep products with a few different ingredients in them make me feel weird and don't work. But this does!
John M. - 2022-01-25
I actively monitor my nightly sleep and when I use Qualia Night I get significantly better Deep Sleep. Great product.
Richard L. - 2022-01-22
This product has helped me get more deep sleep time. I wake up fully refreshed.
Dimitri N. - 2022-01-18
If you are struggling with sleep this product is going to help
Kelsey A. - 2022-01-06
Qualia night is so helpful in being part of my daily regiment to sleep.
Sky T. - 2021-12-28
While this product does wonders for my sleep, the primary reason I use it is because it supports my meditation practice. I live at a monastery, so meditation is my vocation, and I do it every night. If I take Qualia Night an hour prior to the start of my evening sit, the factors of tranquility and equanimity are much stronger. It's surprising just how much it helps. For Meditation nerds like me, this means that Insight/Vipassana practices are a made easier using this product.
Russ B. - 2021-12-23
I feel the effect kick in within 30 mins, my sleep has tremendously improved and I am able to achieve deep sleep consistently, even on my off days. Highly recommend!
Christopher M. - 2021-12-21
Qualia Night is an amazing night time supplement that delivers unprecedented deep sleep. It is not your usual 30 minutes before bedtime supplement, take it with your dinner and enjoy quality restorative sleep night after night. No drowsiness or grogginess, just good deep sleep.
Preetham M. - 2021-12-10
Great supplement! Improved my sleep immediately!
Jessica T. - 2021-12-09
Helps me feel rested and recovered
Edlira K. - 2021-12-06
Great product, so happy with the results!
Paloma C. - 2021-12-06
Trenton K. - 2021-12-05
Top tier ingredients, high integrity product, designed with results in mind. Qualia delivers.
Edward B. - 2021-12-03
Night and Mind are Great products!